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    For Sale Frost River Isle Royale Pack

    I’m selling my Frost River Isle Royale pack. I’ve had it a few years and it’s been on some trips with me but it’s never really had a lot of use. It’s in excellent condition as you can see from the photos. It is superbly well made and will probably last at least one lifetime! Price is £285...
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    Dog sledding in the Alaskan wilderness

    At the end of March this year I travelled to Alaska with my partner and dad on an unforgettable trip. We spent a week dog sledding with a guide in the middle of the pristine Alaskan wilderness. I have written up the entire trip on my blog in four parts which I thought I'd share in case anyone is...
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    New Mens Sorel Caribou Boots - Size 9

    Got a pair of sorel caribou boots as a present but they're the wrong size for me. Brand new condition, never been worn but without the original box as it got thrown out. These were £138 and still have the price tag on them. Fantastic boots no doubt and good down to minus 40...
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    Original M65 Fishtail Parka with Fur Hood

    As the title says here is an original M65 cold weather parka. The nasty synthetic fur ruff has been replaced with a genuine fur ruff. I believe it is coyote fur but I'm not 100% sure of that. It comes complete with a liner plus an extra liner sized to fit within the first one so you can double...
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    Helsport Finnmark Lavvu For Sale

    I have decided to sell my Helsport Finnmark Lavvu. It has only been used once since it was bought and that was only for one weekend, so it is in perfect, as new condition. The only other time it has been put up was last weekend to take these photos. I am selling as it is not being used and...