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  1. JonathanD

    Adder Emergence

    I’m slightly late in posting this. But can everyone who sees their first adder of the season post the date, time, habitat and location in this thread. I‘d be most grateful.
  2. JonathanD

    Robin Hood - Origins

    Here we go again. Please can someone make a decent Robin Hood film. Period correct and actually IN the greenwood. I knew this one was going to be suspect, but wow, not this suspect. There are a few RH films in the works, last count was five, plus a couple of TV series, one of which will be...
  3. JonathanD

    Ray mears wilkinson sword survival knife pre-dartmoor

    A rare and early example of Uncle Rays first knife design. Made by Wilkinson Sword in the early 80's. The knife has never been used and has teh original bluntish factory edge. The survival tube is present in the handle but has cracked due to age. The compass leaked in storage and rusted so I...
  4. JonathanD

    Ray mears wilkinson sword micarta woodlore

    Very good condition, Wilkinson Sword Woodlore with micarta slabs. Used maybe once or twice and shows very little signs of wear. The sheath has never been used but does have three nicks in it from the point. Comes with original WS box. £360 SOLD. Posted via RMSD.
  5. JonathanD

    Original Signature Bear Grylls Bayley S4 Knife

    Absolutely mint condition Bayley Bear Grylls Signature knife. Complete with sheath and original certificate. Looking for £995. SOLD. SOLD. . ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  6. JonathanD

    Large sebenza 21 micarta

    As new boxed with all paperwork and accessories, never been used or carried. Large Sebenza 21 with micarta inlays. Also comes with leather slip pouch. SOLD £375 (NOW £325) SOLD which includes shipping and fees. No Trades.
  7. JonathanD

    Andy wood aws4 survival knives

    1) First up is an original #3 concept of Andy Woods survival knife. Mint with all accessories and sheath. Never used this one. Looking for £395 (NOW £350), SOLD which includes postage and fees. 2) Next up is the knife I thoroughly tested. I don't think...
  8. JonathanD

    Zero Tolerance Military 0200 Folder

    New and boxed, never used. ZT 0200. Looking for £85 which includes fees and postage.
  9. JonathanD

    Heckler & koch p30 c02

    SOLD Heckler & Koch (Umarex) P30 handgun. Fires both .177 pellets out of 8 round rotary magazines or BBs out of stick mag in the butt. Both double & single action. Less than 6 months old, used probably twice. Immaculate condition. Includes: Soft range case. Kydex paddle holster...
  10. JonathanD

    New Telemark Drama Series

    This looks epic. A Norwegian/UK TV collaboration.
  11. JonathanD

    ROB BAYLEY Raven-Deval

    SOLD This example is my collector piece and is not seeing any use. It is mint and unused and comes complete with custom hard case. Sad to see it go, but need funds for a private exped. Looking for £450 ONO which includes fees and postage. Will also consider part trade with a Sebenza or...
  12. JonathanD

    Stourbridge Meet 7th November

    OK Meeting at Duke William (Craddocks Brewery). I'll be there from 1900hrs on Friday 7th November. Don't worry, I won't bring any venomous reptiles.
  13. JonathanD

    Red - Clear your Inbox

    what it says up there ^^
  14. JonathanD

    Tenth Anniversary Competition

    Yes indeedy. Ten years ago to this very day I joined up to spread joy and wisdom upon the masses. So in honour of that epic moment, here is a competition to win this splendid brand spankingly new and shiny Julius Petterson blade made exclusively for Ray Mears, and seen on the Sweden programme...
  15. JonathanD

    Whimmy Diddle anyone?
  16. JonathanD

    New Watch - Cheers Trunks.

    A good friend of mine recommended a watch company that produces military watches with T3 Traser technology for the dials. They produce regimental dials for presentation as well as a well known company logo. I've known about this Brit company for a while, as alongside CWC they produce superb...
  17. JonathanD

    WARNING:Graphic Content- Danger of Chinese Lanterns

    I don't think anymore needs to be said, except for all of us to discourage and spread the word on the havoc and destruction they cause.
  18. JonathanD

    That's gotta hurt...

    Apparently the man being attacked had the strange idea that throwing a rock at the beast would scare him off. He was wrong.
  19. JonathanD

    Good Season for Snake Sign

    Lots of folks ask me how to find snakes, and the answer is complicated and varies from season to season, as well as location. But here's something that is easy to do if you know of an area where snakes are reported to occur. And best of all, this is the perfect time of year to go out and find...
  20. JonathanD

    Adder with two noggins

    It occurs with certain species of snakes more than others through some genetic cock up. Most notably within the King snake and rat snake families of North America. Within our own species of snakes, especially our native viper, it is very very rare and has seldom been documented let alone...