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  1. CBJ

    Finally, studying over, more time for skills.

    Hey folks, Its been a while. Last year I decided to go back to college as a mature student and to get a few qualifications. Unfortunetly with all the studying I also had to make the decision to cut the time spent doing other things, including my time here and the amount of time spent out and...
  2. CBJ

    Article: "Blaze" woodburning stove

    You can view the page at
  3. CBJ

    Bilmo Bushgear canvas bedroll!

    Excellent review mate. Looks like a great bit of kit. Atb Craig
  4. CBJ

    My DIY hooded blanket shirt

    Great job mate, looks really good. atb Craig
  5. CBJ

    Scottish Dumpy chickens

    Great photos, Yeah I didnt think they would be bothered with chickens either, until then. We are certainly taking steps to fox proof the place. The main one being digging a trench around the chicken yard and putting in a foundation wall. Also the pen will be right next to the dog run so that...
  6. CBJ

    "Blaze" woodburning stove

    To accompany our SoulPad bell tent we have been using the “Blaze” wood burning stove. The Blaze wood burning stove is hand made by a master blacksmith for the SoulPad company and is one of three models of stove they sell. Of the three models, the Blaze is the only one made to SoulPads...
  7. CBJ

    Scottish Dumpy chickens

    Many thanks folks. pwb, Goatboy: cheers chaps I didn't think it would be so hard to get hold of them as well specifically up here. Havent even seen any at the shows. Toddy, that is an interesting point. We normally get in 2 different breeds, 1 for each job but having a good all rounder is...
  8. CBJ

    Scottish Dumpy chickens

    HI folks, Just a quick question. Has anybody kept/ had any experience with Scottish dumpy's? We are looking to get some chickens in after a few years of having none. So far we have English game,Welsummers, Moran, Brahmas, Silkies, Wyandotte's, Shamo and Orpingtons. This time we want to try...
  9. CBJ

    traditional overnighter in the woods!

    Looks like you had a great trip, love the setup. Thanks for sharing All the best Craig
  10. CBJ

    Simple pouch

    Nothing wrong with that mate, The more you do the better you will get and that's a great start. atb Craig
  11. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    define "Play" ???
  12. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Hey folks, Everything is looking good, I will pick some bbq stuff up on the way mabey some ribs, WWC I am getting the gate code from the ranger up there, we can take our gear right to the campsite drop it off then go down to the car parking area. If your having trouble I can easily bring...
  13. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Hi folks, Just starting to finalize things now. Will post up the lists for meals etc. Nick that would be fantastic mate cheers.I still haven't managed to get around to trying the amadou out and the charcoal sounds brilliant. WWC: seeing as you've got some room left over could you take my...
  14. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Yep it should be a good one, hopefully the weather will be with us as well. Hi WWC, welcome to BCUK and welcome to the N.E.S group. we do have a Facebook page as well if your on it. Yep its fine to bring your dog, as long as it ok with other dogs as a couple of other people are bringing...
  15. CBJ

    Article: SoulPad 4000-Hybrid-G Canvas Bell Tent

    boney: no worries mate, I have to give credit to Pandabean for the good photos, he done a really good job with them. Rik: I emailed Zoe at SoulPad about this, she said that The SoulPads are made by SoulPad and that it is Bell Tent UK who are re-selling Oberlink tents. AJB: Also asked about...
  16. CBJ

    Article: SoulPad 4000-Hybrid-G Canvas Bell Tent

    Hi AJB, Glad it helped you out, I first heard of the SoulPads from here and on the Song of the paddle forums, I read what threads I could find. Like you said there aren't many reviews on them or their counterparts. I found snippets here and there on various sites and of course you tube...
  17. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Great stuff, We seem to have made the numbers up quickly this time. Atb Craig
  18. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Cheers chaps Ill update the list from our FB page. We can also start planning our days. Craig : Thurs- Sun KP +1: (?Thurs) Fri-Sun Andy (+1 ?) :- Thurs - Sun Chaz: Thurs-Sun Pete: Thurs- Sun Elen: Fri-Sun Lawrence: (tbc) Sean: Friday-Sun Billy: Fri- Sun (tbc) Mark: Thur-Sun (tbc)...
  19. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Hi folks, Hope you are all well. After taking a bit of time out from all the forums I frequent to sort other things out, I am now back raring to get things going again. Following our success last time at Glen Tanar we been welcomed back and I have already secured the site for us for our April...
  20. CBJ

    Happy Birthday rik_uk3

    Happy birthday mate, Have a good one. All the best Craig