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  1. The Joker

    Haslemere, Surrey.

    I live near Haslemere in Surrey and Just out of curiosity how many of you are also near Haslemere? If there is some locals maybe we could sort out a meet!
  2. The Joker

    Found some great tracks today!

    Great aren't they:cool:
  3. The Joker

    One woodland, one fat bloke, one month!

    As the title says really. I am going to try to live and eat off of the land for one month starting mid April this year and I am hoping to raise LOTS of money at the same time for 'The Shooting Star Chase' children's hospice. If you guys could find it in your hearts to donate even the smallest...
  4. The Joker

    Wanted! Mozi net.

    Seconds out round 2.........yawn! I am after a group buy "Mozi net" ( pyramid one) as mine unfortunately has had to go to the great mozi net heaven in the sky! What I have to swap is a weekend in the Surrey/Sussex borders wild camping in my woods and I will supply a shrafting good feast on...
  5. The Joker

    "We Will Remember Them"

    "They shall not grow old as we will grow old Age shall not weary them; nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them." Posted this a day early because Im at the British Legion field of remembrance tomorrow!
  6. The Joker

    Brasher Supalite II GTX Hiking Boot!

    Brasher boast a new hiking boot that they say is lightweight supportive and comfortable. Just the sort of boot I have been looking for as I find with most hiking boots that they are heavy and stiff which when you think about it makes walking that little bit tougher. I contacted Brasher and...
  7. The Joker

    Smidge that Midge V's Sweden!

    On the 10th of July, a small group of us went to Sweden for a week long Canoe trip near the province of Arjang. Summer time in Sweden is beautiful with warm temperatures, long sunny days and scenery to die for. The down side to this is that you can be eaten alive by all the biting insects...
  8. The Joker

    Using search!

    After reading a couple of recent threads where a couple of members have had a right dig about certain questions that do the rounds and people not using the search function. I get a little "oh god here we go again" myself when certain similar questions are asked, but then I choose not to read...
  9. The Joker

    non bushcraft chatter

    Just been reading a thread that got shut down by TomTom, one of the reasons "non-bushcraft chatter" But isn't that why there is a bit titled. Other Chatter A place to sit back and just chat about stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. Just a thought!:sigh: So for future reference can...
  10. The Joker

    Tone's Bday

    Happy Birfday Tone, hope ya have a goodun!
  11. The Joker

    Whats goin on here???

    I look forward most evenings viewing and posting on Bcuk, But I have to say Its starting to do my ****ing head in not being able to get on line. And there never seems to be anything anywhere explaining why :confused: :confused: Someone please explain...................
  12. The Joker

    Are you a doer or a donta

    Here's a controversial one! Are you an active Bushcrafter......or an armchair kit junky
  13. The Joker

    Wanted Mozi net

    Please, please has anyone out there got a group buy Mozi net they wish to sell me as Im away end of next week and have had enough of being eaten :(
  14. The Joker

    Happy Birthday Andyn

    Happy Birthday buddy, have a goodan :D
  15. The Joker

    Working are we mmmmMM!!!

    Now I've got a reason for sitting on the BCUK site all day. :) But arn't you lot suppose to be working :lmao: I wonder how much work time is lost each day........compliments to web sites :D :D
  16. The Joker


    I've just noticed.............So when did you become a Vespa boy then.........oooooh I love a man with power. :lmao: Howz it going buddy :D
  17. The Joker

    Blackberry Wood camp site 1

    Went to the Blackberry Wood campsite this weekend with Maver(who organised it), Jon Pickett + son and Phil562 + daughter. What a great little site in East Sussex (not far from Brighton). The individual site areas where surrounded by shrubbery so there was an element of privacy. You were...
  18. The Joker

    Bushcrafty day!

    I wanted a nice bushcrafty weekend, this weekend. But my wife informed me I was So I took the day off today and spent the day in the woods and made a kitchen spoon.
  19. The Joker

    Maver you kept that one quiet!!!!!

    Happy Birthday buddy.
  20. The Joker

    Wot ya doing?

    There seems to be a lot of chatter, and not so much doing? (I could be wrong) So come on, who's doing bushcraft, are you out this weekend? next weekend? foraging? out during the week? carving spoons? making a knife? It'll be good to hear some of your activities. Me, I've been...