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  1. maddave

    Bushmoot 2016

    Just got home from the moot so thought I'd pop a few pics up. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the whole event, but everyone has been having a blast. I'm sure many more will be forthcoming as people return from the fun.
  2. maddave

    Drew Dunn "Respect" memorial bookmarks. Do you read??

    Hi guys For those who knew Drew, His parents have had some memorial bookmarks made in his memory: I have received this from Jean and Phil: Hi Dave We have had book marks made in memory of Andrew, We would like to send one to anyone in BCUK who would like one. We wondered if you could possibly...
  3. maddave


    Recently I found that in my collection of sleeping bags I didn't really have one that fit into the late Spring to Early Autumn category, so I decided to have a look around the Interweb and see what was a cheap but viable option. One bag that caught my eye was a snugpak bag simply called the...
  4. maddave

    Just a weekend paddling

    On the peak forest canal
  5. maddave

    What's your profession??

    It's always interested me what others do for a living when we're all sort of joined in our love of all things bushy. Sometimes I feel that normal society see us as like tree hugging hippies that hang out at fracking demos and such, but I bet we're not. I'm a biker too and often get the odd...
  6. maddave

    Olang Centauro PAC Boots Size 8 but too small

    I have for sale a pair of hardly used OLANG centauro PAC boots in 8UK but to be honest I have used them for a couple of days and they're too narrow for my wide feet and in my opinion would suit a size 7 better. They are missing the front ice spikes from underneath as they were badly designed...
  7. maddave

    Where to find OS type maps of Kitilla area Finnish Lapland

    Hi guys I'm looking to find a decent map of the Kitilla area of Finland and my searches are coming up a bit fruitless. Does anyone know where I can either buy one or download one? Any help greatly appreciated. This is the rough area I'm after
  8. maddave

    Heads up!!! Cheap merino at aldi again !!

    This Thursdays "special buys" at Aldi include 2 different types of merino base layers, salopettes, ski gloves, goggles, merino and silk ski socks, winter boots, balaclavas, buffs, shades and all kinds of wintery gear... Check linky below
  9. maddave

    The John Fenna Award

    This prestigious award was given to the Dunn family after the moot and I've recently had an update from Jean (Drews mum) on the "travels of the wee Fenna" Hi Dave We went as a family to Center Parcs last weekend. Andrew was coming, he knew about it as it was booked as a surprise for Philip's...
  10. maddave

    HELP!!! Decent thermometer needed

    I'm looking for a decent thermometer suitable for Arctic temps. I've tried one of these But although they look as though they go to -30c they tend to freeze up at about -20c. What I'm looking for if anyone can find one (I've tried soooooooo hard) Is a small digital min/max thermometer with...
  11. maddave

    HUGE amount of BRAND NEW British army surplus.

    OK guys. A friend has just been issued all the new MTP kit after being issued DPM stuff just a few weeks back so I have had a load of gear off him at a good price. Most of it isn't any good to me because he's a racing snake and I'm a chubby but I thought I'd snaffle it and pass the savings on...
  12. maddave

    Kittila Finland 2014

    A few of us are taking our Arctic fun to Finland in the new year, Kittila to be exact. Are there any Finnish folk on the forum that can advise us as to the best areas for winter bushcrafting. We will be heading out early feb and probably pulking straight from the airport. Any advice or local...
  13. maddave

    Swedish army Jagerkok

    Hi guys Does anyone know where I can get hold of the swedish army Jagerkok, cookset....Looks like this Can't seem to find one at a realistic price. :confused:
  14. maddave

    Mad Daves Moot Pics 2013

    Here ya go chaps and chapettes !!! Sharpening Neils cooks knife... Monseur Fenna Frazer from Coastal Survival giving a foraging talk Nettle cordage making Making a "smokehouse" for jerky.. In goes the meat !! Art in nature... Closer The "MAN CRECHE" And some...
  15. maddave

    Lighter I used at the Bushmoot

    I used a small jet lighter at the bushmoot and a few folks asked where I got it... They are about £2.20 ish from dealextreme and I have found the link for anyone who wants one
  16. maddave

    A message from the Dunn family to all who were at the Bushmoot.

    Dear friends at Bushmoot Thank you for such a wonderful day on Saturday you were all so welcoming and supportive to the Dunn's on what was a most emotional day for us all. We can fully understand why Andrew regarded you all so highly. Andrew spoke volumes about Bushmoot, about what happened and...
  17. maddave

    Swedish Army MUKLUK liners cheap

    Just found these on fleabay Great for those planning a cold one this winter and needing spare liners
  18. maddave

    Suggestions for a video camera please?

    I'm looking for a video camera for doing the odd movie. I tried with the video setting on my compact camera and frankly it's naff. It doesn't have to be all singing all dancing just something that I can bung a few clips on youtube n stuff. Criteria: Small Light SDHC storage Semi decent sound...
  19. maddave

    Itchy feet....

    Just watched a great vid on a young fella called "Bomber" who hiked the Appalachian Trail (AT).... Has anyone here done any long distance hikes?? Longest I've done was the Pennine Way but the below vid is worth a watch....
  20. maddave

    Shoddy knife from Amazon

    SWMBO just bought a small folding knife from Amazon from a company called "Want It Now" and it arrived today... I actually laughed aloud when I saw the state of it !!... She definitely doesn't "want it now" It's going straight back with a stern letter... Check out the pic !!!