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    Made this Leather Message bag as a christmas present

    I'm really getting into leather work as a hobby I find it very relaxing. Thanks to guidance from Hamish of Half Goat I think I'm progressing ok. This is a message bag made for somebody as a christmas present, hope you like it :-) All the best Rob
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    Cross Bow for sale - I 'think' it has a draw of 200lb

    Ok so now I s'pose I should off-load my crossbow too given I have nowhere to shoot now. So up for sale is this powerful crossbow with 23x 18in bolts & a cushioned carrying case. Not really rigid on price, does 50 pounds sound ok? or willing to swap for a knife of anything shiny! Sorry...
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    Compound Bow - 40-60lb draw - Proton Limbsaver

    Hi All, I'm getting rid of my bow so it's up for grabs if anybody is interested? Unfortunately since separating from the missus earlier this year and now living in a built up area I simply don't have anywhere to shoot it. Sorry no arrows with it :-(. As you can see it comes with a...
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    A couple of weeks in Scotland

    Well this year I've had a particularly hard personal time and only recently got back into the great outdoors. Decided to take a couple of weeks wild camping & exploring the beautiful coast of west Scotland. Although I did have 2 nights in a B&B whilst attending a leather course with Hamish of...
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    Measuring the distance between 2 points - challenge

    Thought I would post this challenge, it was something on a test paper I did years ago in the army. So here it is, you want to measure the distance between 2 points, lets use a real example here - there's a tree on one side of a river you want to cross & need to get a line over the river...
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    What to do with a sewing machine?

    Hi there, Approx 6 months ago I bought a Singer 45k and put a new variable speed motor on it. I had the view of making my knife sheaths with it but just couldn't get a quality result so reverted back to hand stitching. I should add that I have very little experience (read non!) with sewing...
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    Selling by auction

    Hi - I have committed to a charity (Soldiers Off The Streets) to make a BC knife & sheath that will be sold to the highest bidder. Am I permitted to share that link on BCUK to raise money for the charity? Cheers, Rob
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    Selling gear is a real loss ....

    I'm a magpie for gucci gear and collect a lot of kit often because 'I like' rather than 'need' ... the missus is giving me grief that I have far too much 'stuff' but honestly speaking I struggle to bring myself to get rid. Kit for all eventualities & what-if's but recognise the reality of...
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    Scotland - any recommendations?

    well I've been bitten/smitten by the fantastic Scottish environment. Approx 8 weeks ago I did the West Highland Way (obviously camping all the way etc). Just over a week ago I went up to Oldshoremore and camped around the area. What I would really like now is a recommended area slightly south...
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    Has anybody been brave enough to use the Handy Hammock overnight?

    Just thought I would ask the question. I bought a Handy Hammock recently and whilst it's easy to put up and super lightweight etc I am yet to be convinced the pegs would not work themselves out of the ground through the night (through moving in the hammock), subsequently finding myself skydiving...
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    Necker sized knife: 01 Tool Steel (3mm) with white corian scales - 59HRc

    Hi all, I am selling this small knife I made recently. First time I've sold anything on BCUK so hopefully I've followed the process correctly! I heat treated/ tempered then measured on my rockwell tester after each cycle. If interested these are the readings: after HT (810c)=68HRc then 1st...
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    West Highland Way - any advice for a solo wild camp trip?

    I have it in my mind to do a reasonable length solo adventure in the coming weeks (lasting circa 10 days wild camping etc). Initially I considered Offa's dyke which is not too far from me so less travel to start point but it seems its not too receptive to wild camping along the route. On this...
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    Anyone going to the 2015 UK Knife Show?

    Just wondered if anybody from around the Bala area is off to the UK Knife show on the 28th June and wants a lift? Cheers, Rob
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    Maybe an obvious question but - fire starting....

    So earlier this year (i.e. middle of winter) myself and a mate wondered off into the higher hills of snowdonia for a weekend of wild camping. I really endeavoured to reduce my bergan weight to as light as possible so for fire I went with a couple of zippo lighters & mate the same. Well, weather...
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    Knife Makers Marking

    Hi - I'm hoping I've posted this in the right location! I've now produced about 8 or so bushcraft knifes and learning rapidly with each one I make. I would really like to mark them with a personal logo but yet to find a good way to do this. I've tried the car battery/salt water method where...
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    Hello from Snowdonia

    Hi all, Been a regular viewer on BCUK for a while but being a lazy git never got around to registering until now (also just paid up my subscription fee too!). In terms of interests, well I really enjoy wild camping and try to get away at least once a month for a day or 2. It helps being in...