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    Asymmetric tarp with snakeskins

    As above. Good quality. Not sure of brand but lightweight and durable. Well designed tarp. Just over 3m in length £40 posted
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    Wanted Gb wildlife hatchett

    As above. Preferably in very good condition please. Thanks
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    Sold Gb small hatchet

    Gransfors bruks small hatchett Brand new never used after £87 posted
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    Sold Viking style hatchet with 12" handle

    As above with a beautiful grained ash handle. This is the perfect size for a backpack. The blade size is also a perfect all rounder. Will featherstick, chop and split all day long. Forged from 1095 so plenty a durable edge After £115 posted. Kydex sheath is very tight fit. Will only go on and...
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    Sold Falkniven f1

    Well used but razor sharo and comes with custom kydex sheath Afyer £110 posted pricr drop £96 posted. Bargain at that for a falkniven
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    For Sale Small cleaver in 0.1 tool steel

    A mini cleaver made out of 0.1 and handled in American black walnut snd g10 liner with titanium tubes. Leather sheath from veg tan, very sturdy and well made. This was used quite a bit butbin very good condition. After £95 posted.
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    Sold Extrema ratio dober man IV

    Extrema ration Doberman IV boxed as new. £180 posted almost £150 off a new one from heinnies
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    For Sale Luminox leatherback sea turtle giant

    In mint condition barely worn. Great light weight carbon polymer watch. Retails for about £223 bargain at £135 posted. No offers at this price. If rather leave it to gather dust.
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    For Sale Bearded axe

    Small lightweight but very capable axe forged from AISI 4150 steel in a convex grind. CONDITION: used but just tested otherwise like new EXTRAS: custom kydex sheath LOCATION: Hertfordshire PRICE: 130 beautiful hand made axe with Ash handle and titanium tube. This was made for me but I have too...
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    For Sale Mountain equipment soft shell jacket small

    As above. In excellent condition. Only after £38 posted. In a size small about 20" arm pit to armpit. Nice roomy yet athletic fit. Barely worn.
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    For Sale Small necker

    £33 posted for this litre gem. Figured beech scales with red liner and titanium tubes. Made from some sort of swedish layered steel.
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    For Sale Berghaus capacitor 35 ruck sack

    Berghaus capacitor 35. In excellent condition. Great backpack for urban and and walking use. No tips or tears. Comes with pole carriers, rain cover etc. Please carabiner is not for sale. £40 posted.
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    For Sale Suunto traverse alpha in foliage

    I have a suunto traverse alpha in foliage Green in superb condition comes boxed with everything. Great watch but dont really wear it enough and it spends most days in the bed side cabinet. The strap has beed cut down by about 2cm as it was too long and would just stick out. Still plenty of...
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    For Sale Jimmy pie tactical axe tomahawk

    As per description below. Bought off member and off it went into me cupboard. Not been used other than a taken out and looked at. I am after 120 all in. Bank transfer preferred. And of course goes without saying only...
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    For Sale Origin bushcraft parang

    Origin bushcraft parang in 4mm 0.1 Tool reel bead blasted stun finish and kydex sheath.phenolic handle scales. Reluctant sale but spent too much this month. After £270 posted. Love the work of this man and had this custom made. He really knows his parangs In mint condition. Razor sharp and...
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    For Sale Wild country zephyros 1 tent brand new

    Brand new. Never used or taken out of bag. Retailing at £125+ I would like £100 posted. Cheers
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    Wild country zephyris 1 tent brand new

    Brand new in bag. Got it as a birthday gift but never used it. Bargain at £85 posted.
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    Rab trousers in 30w 30l

    I have a pair of rab trousers in very good and washed condition for 33 posted ad net to me. Cheers
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    Dan Koster style nesmuk

    I have for sale a nesmuk in 5mm 0.1 Tool steel in 58HRC. The blade is a high sabre grind to enable efficient slicing of vegetables as a camp knife yet make a tough skinner with a convex edge. The handle is dark green fiber lined Grade A Turkish walnut that is bookmatched as in the grain follows...
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    Hello all

    Hi guys, been on Britishblades for years until it suddenly disappeared. Meaning to join for ages as my interest in blades stems from bushcraft and survival needs any way. I make my own tools and equipment. Do a lot of shooting (fullbore, smallbore and shotgun) and fishing when I can...