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    Asymmetric tarp with snakeskins

    As above. Good quality. Not sure of brand but lightweight and durable. Well designed tarp. Just over 3m in length £40 posted
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    Wanted Gb wildlife hatchett

    Bit too much if price is negotiable let me know
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    Wanted Gb wildlife hatchett

    As above. Preferably in very good condition please. Thanks
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    Group Buy DD Hammocks group buy 2021

    Could i get a 3x3 tarp please.
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    The head was given to me by a friend. And just put a handle on it and made the sheath. As for...

    The head was given to me by a friend. And just put a handle on it and made the sheath. As for the jimmy pie axe. That's long gone. I am making a bunch of axes thst style. With more heft and longer handle. Got some 0.1 tool steel in 10 to 15mm thick. Need to book the eater jet cutter and then...
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    Sold Gb small hatchet

    Gransfors bruks small hatchett Brand new never used after £87 posted
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    Sold Viking style hatchet with 12" handle

    Kydex sheath, overstrike protector and bead added. Bargain at £115 posted. Will hapily keep it if it don't sell
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    Sold Falkniven f1

    Still here and will consider near offers
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    Sold Viking style hatchet with 12" handle

    Great axe for carving. Exactly what it was made for. Made some kuksas using some birch i got from bisley when they did their tree management.
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    Sold Viking style hatchet with 12" handle

    As above with a beautiful grained ash handle. This is the perfect size for a backpack. The blade size is also a perfect all rounder. Will featherstick, chop and split all day long. Forged from 1095 so plenty a durable edge After £115 posted. Kydex sheath is very tight fit. Will only go on and...
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    Sold Falkniven f1

    £96 posted
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    Sold Falkniven f1

    £100 posted
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    Sold Falkniven f1

    Well used but razor sharo and comes with custom kydex sheath Afyer £110 posted pricr drop £96 posted. Bargain at that for a falkniven
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    For Sale Small cleaver in 0.1 tool steel

    A mini cleaver made out of 0.1 and handled in American black walnut snd g10 liner with titanium tubes. Leather sheath from veg tan, very sturdy and well made. This was used quite a bit butbin very good condition. After £95 posted.
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    Sold Extrema ratio dober man IV

    Sorry didn't know how to edit. But price is 180 postwd