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  1. Alan 13~7

    Dehydrated Fuel? Or Huel?

    Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food! ​ I find this interesting, as yet have not tried Huel. Has anybody else even heard of Huel or tried it in any shape or form? If so would they like to share their experience. I was wondering would it be any good for...
  2. Alan 13~7

    canvas pouch Id required please

    Help me out here guys? I'm looking for an Id on this little canvas pouch thought it at first it to be a British army S6 respirator pouch but not so sure now, cant find it on google images except Delta0one posted one on photo Bucket, on a belt with some other stuff I have no idea exactly what...
  3. Alan 13~7


    After a cozy & restful sleep in my belgian army pup tent on Mondy night, I was prematurely & rudely awakened by a couple of who who birds! Anyway Tuesday Morning BREAKFAST! (It was My first time frying with the Esbit triangle) Kenyan AA Coffee, with ham onion & tomato omelette. It took a...
  4. Alan 13~7

    sugar fix

    Does anyone else on here use "crystallized fructose fruit sugar" instead of regular sugar? It's my preferred sweetener, I use it in coffee, tea, water & lemon juice, cereal, cooking, for sweetening yoghurt. I use loads of the stuff........ Sainsbury's is where I have been purchasing...
  5. Alan 13~7

    Dads In the dog house!

    Out and about with SWIMBO & the sprogs, a trip to... Dunure castle. Arrived at the castle didn't have to pay to get in today, bonus! Parked up. The kids run off to play, dad gets the coffee on while the wife gets the sandwiches out & juice n crisps for the kids... Picnic over dad packs...
  6. Alan 13~7

    How much coffee is too much coffee Researchers for the International Life Sciences Institute came to the conclusion that consuming 400mg of caffeine – roughly four cups of coffee – was safe for adults after reviewing more than 740 studies on the effects...
  7. Alan 13~7

    Bushcraft Members Big Book Of Favorite Recipes!

    a free for all to post, recipes thread Dedicated to bush-crafty recipes & ideas suitable for backpackers, campers & outdoorsy people alike........ Post your favorite camp recipes and cooking tips here! and hopefully over time it will build into a Big Book Of Recipes!
  8. Alan 13~7

    Some like it hot (this post is "NOT FOR SISSIES!")

    SWIMBO is Hot stuff & addicted, to this web site her go to chilies is the carolina reaper she says "it's not her favourite but it is bloody good & just as hot coming out as it is going in" It's off the chart 2.2 million scoville
  9. Alan 13~7

    Textured Vegetable Protein (T.V.P.) A.K.A. Soya Mince

    Does anybody else use dehydrated Soya Mince (T.V.P.) ? & does anybody else get mildly annoyed at the "soya dust" that is always included with the larger mince like pieces in a packet of dehydrated Soya Mince? I always some how feel cheated as this dust that is ultimately always mixed with...
  10. Alan 13~7

    DPM Z Force folding sleeping mat, review & request for carying/packing advice

    Army DPM camo Z Force folding sleeping mat, Materials - Outer: 300D PU coated polyester - Inner: PE foam Size - 185 x 48 x 1.3cm Pack size - 48 x 23 x 8cm Weight - 580g Available in black or DPM camo for £19.00 inc P & P...
  11. Alan 13~7

    cheap one person tent review

    Advertised as but definitely not a 2~3 person tent it's more like a kid’s play tent. For added weather proofing over the top an 8 x 6 tarp Supported by some heavy wooden pup tent poles & secured by 10 bungee cords. With a foot print the size...
  12. Alan 13~7

    Yet another wooden box...

    Anyone like to guess whats in the box?
  13. Alan 13~7

    DIY Self-pressurizing-chimney-type-alcohol-stove

    clever stuff I like this one....
  14. Alan 13~7

    Is this a Prehistoric hammerstone?

    I may be wrong BUT I am pretty sure I have a prehistoric hammerstone. In archaeology, a hammerstone is a universal stone tool, it would have been used for knapping flint, reducing minerals like haematite to powder, for pigment, and cracking hard nuts, such as hazel nuts, to extract the edible...
  15. Alan 13~7

    I've been Bamboozaled

    Description MFH 3 Piece Cutlery Set Bamboo • 3-piece KFS set • Knife , Fork, & Spoon • Carabiner attachment • Length: approx. 6.5" (16.5cm) • Material: Bamboo • Weight: 50g • Manufacturer: MFH • Manufacturer's number: 33535 • Brand new A bamboo KFS set sounds like a good Kit...
  16. Alan 13~7

    Yet another small stove idea

    Trangia in a Tin Trangia gas unit, tatonka burner stand & Shark design :- big tin x 1 £3.80 & maybe a wee pot grab would be handy with this stove? shortened trangia pot grabber
  17. Alan 13~7

    Military Trangia ~ Falcon Mess kit review

    “A Genuine Trangia military burner” (& by that I mean not a trangia civvi burner & not an army Svea) The Trangia Triangle & the Falcon Enamel Billy. Boil Times & quantities given here are not scientific and are meant only as a rough guide for the purpose of the review. Lighting...
  18. Alan 13~7

    Superb carvings found by the wife on face book

    Found by my Wife (who usually poo poos all my attempts at all things bush crafty) This impressed us both, common ground?
  19. Alan 13~7

    army pup tents???

    I know there are multiple threads on this subject I've been searching for around 1/2 hour not found what I m looking for. Any hoo "Belgian Army PUP Tent" (2 1/2 ponchos) I am buying them tomorrow 3 kg weight inc wood poles, I am going to want a second set poles & a ground sheet I think, I am...