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    £300 plus knife ? ?

    After months of watching forged in fire I'm really curious to see what people think ? Are you using them in the field or just collecting them ? Im just curious to know if anyone batons a £300 knife ? I would be really nervous to use one but as they say you get what you pay for ? thank you I...
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    Hi all anyone know where I can get a sieth or hand sieth ? or anyone selling one ? I do a lot of field target shooting and setting courses out so I need a sieth to clear a path to the target grass bracken and nettles TIA Shaun
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    covid lockdown fire

    I never got out to make a proper fire so had one in the garden tonight tinder from last years fire still have a tin full of king Alfred's cake saving it for proper use!AugIwQ5rJpzQqCnLRg8hmMl45sHu?e=z0o4mF
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    Hi all

    just a quick Hi Im just getting in to bush craft and found this site a great help :cool: cheers Shaun