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  1. BushcraftAndSurvival

    Karrimor SF Sabre 75 Review

    I have owned a Karrimor SF sabre 75 for a year now and I opted for this pack after I became fed up with the PLCE bergen that I had been using for many years. The PLCE bergen is a capable rucksack with good load carrying capacity, high quality construction and some handily placed pockets. The...
  2. BushcraftAndSurvival

    Karrimor SF Sabre 30 Review

    Bushcraft is all about knowing more so that we can carry less right? Well,despite this the vast majority of Bushcraft folk do carry some equipment with them and in most cases this is a very wise thing to do. The key thing is to pack only the essentials, those items that you can use to make...
  3. BushcraftAndSurvival

    BCB Military Survival Tin Review

    Since Lofty Wiseman's SAS survival guide popularised the Survival Tin there have been many pre-packaged variants on the market of varying usefulness and quality. I was given a BCB survival tin a while back and now that i have had time to look at it i can review it here for you. BCB are a...
  4. BushcraftAndSurvival

    Sea To Summit Pocket Shower Review

    Not showering has become synonymous with bushcraft in recent years. The thing is, you do not need to go unwashed when spending time in the wilderness. There are many options available to keep clean, my preferred option has always been to take a plunge in a river or loch and get it over with as...
  5. BushcraftAndSurvival

    PowerMonkey Extreme Review

    With ever increasing mobile network coverage and performance the ability to keep your mobile device charged while out in the field for long periods of time is an important consideration. As an outdoor professional I have a responsibility to be able to communicate with the outside world from...
  6. BushcraftAndSurvival

    The Morakniv® Bushcraft Survival Knife - Review

    The Morakniv® Bushcraft Survival Knife Mora of Sweden have been a big name in Bushcraft knives for a very long time, widely regarded as the best entry level knife maker and their knives are issued on Bushcraft Courses all over the UK and beyond. The quality and cost are also two things that...