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    Full Tang in Nalgene Bottle?

    If the plan is to walk out in three days at the suggested distance my packlista would be: *waterpurification-tablets *so much suger that fits *a plastic water container around one liter (plastic bag kind of type). *5-ish metatablets *A smal victorinox. *A metal mugg that fits on the outsider of...
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    Hultafors mini hatchet - any good?

    If you get a pink sheat and scales most will look on the knife as cute. How people sees things isn't allways logic.
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    Victorinox Hiker or farmer. They works for whittling, its the stabby, making holes and probing parts that a non locking knive is bad at. If multitools are legal thats something that is a pretty good option. A mora-sized fixed blade. (I know that that mora-size isn't that precise but it gives...
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    Tainted tea

    and in larger amounts they taste awfull. I will never, NEVER, again try to open the knot on the plastic bag around the trangia burner with my teeth. Burner and fuel is best kept away from cookware and food.
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    Cold weather layering, how does it work and why? Modern and traditional?

    The Swedish army use the same size för every layer so if using the varmest outer layer with a t-shirt under it gets a bit large. The layers are: *a tshirt (i think cotton) *plats short leg (i think) *Longjohns/shirt in woolfrotte 200 g. Its a mix of wool and syntetics and the shirt have to be...
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    Just mulling over some ideas..Bergens

    Fjällräven backpacks is often suprising heavy even compared with old surplus packa. They maybe fit well but if a similar pack weights 1-2kg less its a lot of extra effort to use the FR Ones.
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    Caring for carbon blades

    I use paraffin as a hard/wax-ish protection. cheaper and is used to seal jam jars so its foodsafe.
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    Berghaus Vulcan/Crusader

    Berghaus made (as i understand it) the system in a tender for a contract and then the british army instead got plce backpacks with the zips in reverse from some other company.... The sidepockets still fitted but upside down. A lot of soldiers bought berghaus for their own money so berghaus also...
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    Berghaus Vulcan/Crusader

    As long its the same mmps system the sidepockets is interchangable so one can have the larger sidepockets on a atlas etc. There is a lot of different pockets but the prices new is pretty high and most weights more than the "standard" ones. The only place I have found some historic info is here...
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    Jääkäripuukko 110

    the Black on the blade rubs of with some use. A bit of wirewool would remove most of it pretty quick.
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    Travel to Sweden in April

    Höga kusten in april is pretty good, it can be cold but that can happen in most parts of the country in april. Allemansrätten is pretty good to read about.. (Engelska " English) Then it realy depends of...
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    I have it on all fixed blades knives that I use. First time icefishing in -15 made me like the guard a bit more than earlier. For moras my guess is that the trails for the military came to the conclusion that the guard have a use and that one of the then largest customer wanted it made Mora make...
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    mora makes a smaller knife primarly för woodworking which is a perfect size for children. There is a guard but only in the edge side. Even the sheat is good but a hairband/rangerband around it when the children gets older isn't a bad ide. Mora scout with its double gard or even worse the...
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    Emergency fire kit.

    With esbit I try to use all of the heat as its a pretty steady flame for at least five minutes. So many layers above the flame and when holding the hand above the stack of twigs/split wood there shouldn't be much heat left. When something starta to burn it adds to the heat and the layers above...
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    Adding Molle to a PLCE DPM bergan. Hand sew tips please?

    i have a berghaus backpack with molle and I realy struggle to find a use for any larger molle pouches than a small one that fits a flashlight. I know that use and preferences is a personal thing but I would start with a mollepanel, butcher a sidepouch and sew some molle on the remaining...
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    Looking for a Long Wooden Handle/Stave.

    a fishing rod? a ten feet pole is a nightmare to carry in the forrest or even in an open field.
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    Stove for use outside van? or These two would be my choice, depending of I would use it for other cocking as well I would go with the larger one with wind screen and two cockers or the simple one just for water. I have used...
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    Nice woods for knife scales, that don't just age to muddy brown.

    I have an around 100 year old knife with curly birch handle and its somewhat dark but one can clearly see that its curly. To clean or even use a fine scoringpad sounds like a good ide.
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    Folding knife with saw blade?

    victorinox from the ranger series have the longest saw blade. When I bought my outrider I looked on the then wenger ranger series but thought they where to long and heavy. As I find my outrider to long to carry and that the extra saw bladelenght does give that much advantage over a shorter...
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    £300 plus knife ? ?

    its still only half or a third of what a lot of people pay for a smartphone. Allthough the number of people that baton with there phone is pretty low its still gone in five years but I have knives my grandparents owned and used and in one case even made. So 300 for a good knive can be pretty...