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    Reuseable food bags designs as per Nessmuk etc - to carry flour, rice, and other powders

    Just a quick one really. Does anyone have a design or ideas for ditty bags to carry flour, rice, and other powders? Obviously people like Nessmuk and soldiers through the ages carried flour etc and they would have used the available materials so what did they carry them in. I can sort of see...
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    Tool Kit - What do I need in it?

    As part of changing how I think about what I carry and how I use it, I have some questions that hopefully people on the forum can answer. 1) I am going to start carrying a bow saw with 2 blades, one for fine work and one for green wood. If you carry a bow saw what length do you use? 2) I am...
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    Hot Ash Mini Rocket Stove - any one seem one in action or better yet own one?

    Hot Ash Mini Rocket Stove has anyone seen one or even better actual own one. It looks like it would fit in a set of mess tins which would make it almost perfect for my needs.
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    New Age Personal First Aid supplies?

    I know Paul Kirtley carries a couple of iodines and that Dave Canterbury is doing a video series on natural healing items. I am after some thoughts and resources about items that could live in my possibility bag or personal first aid kit. For example, honey as a much better version of savalon...
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    Man-made vs natural cordage?

    Posted a reply in the survival tin discussion and it raised some questions for you all. Part of this reply was the cost vs strength and the struggle to see tasks that I cannot perform with garden twine. I am going natural for most of my cordage unless for some (Often permanent) reason eg...
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    Ray Mears On Sunday Brunch

    Ray mears was on Sunday Brunch this morning and he tied a knot. Any ideas what knot?
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    Eagle Nest Outfitters Hammocks - any views?

    Just came across these and was wondering if any one had used one?
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    Tom Brown Tracker

    Might not want to use one but it would like really nice on the shelf.
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    Ray Mears - Survival Handbook - Possibles

    Re-reading this book and was amazed by how dated this chapter was. Always really liked this idea of carrying stuff you need and not a kit that never seems to get used. What do you almost always carry? Think about it for a minute. I have just started cycling to work, so my work rucksac fell...
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    Zip off combat trousers?

    Ok, first off I am short. 28" leg. I really like my Regatta Action trousers but the quailty seems to have changed. Also I fancy zip offs, so any recommendations?
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    Wicking T-Shirts advice needed

    After some advice. Trying the lightweight system of using wicking T-shirts as the base layer of a three or four base system. So I bought some cheap Karrimor t-shirts, saw them on offer and thought now is the chance to try this. They work, like that, but they seem to be wearing out really fast...
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    Fujifilm FinePix S2750 12MP Digital Bridge Camera - any opinions?

    Need new camera, and saw this Fujifilm FinePix S2750 for sale in Argos. The big thing I like is it has a viewfinder, but wonder if it a little on the large size for everyday use.
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    What is with the litre measurement of rucsacs?

    Saw an offer on Karrimor Rucsacks at Sports Direct, so I now have two new work rucksacks. Strangely the Gelert 30L they are replacing, is massive compaired to both of them. It really worth seeing this stuff in the real world.
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    Nessmuk axe questions?

    So ok this is British Red's very very nice double headed axe. And Heinnies have this for sale but not sure about the grinds. I have a whole in my kit axe shaped, and was thinking of going for something like this, and I only really want one axe. The questions : - 1. What are the...
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    Ray Mears on TV Book Club on Four.

    Ray Mears was promoting his book on this show today, and said he is currently writing manuals... Might be interesting.
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    What weight can I carry?

    Is there a formula about for height to weight carried? Have a lot of info for what makes lightweight etc, but what is normal, or insane? Not going hiking, as normal, but will have to walk a short-ish distance to site. Looking at a lot of tents etc, and thinking need an idea of what is to much?
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    What Cordage, rope etc is in your kit?

    Just got some 4mm braided nylon (I think) rope from a poundland. Called Utility rope, think it is the same outdoor brand that is in the Poundland chains. Not bad for a quid. Also got some more jute string at same time. Ok, to the point. I bet everyone has paracord but what else do you carry...
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    Is an Offensive weapon in Scotland, basically what two experts say it is?

    Darren Day Trial starts. Darren Day Found Guilty This story needs a picture. Too many wrong facts. Anyway, he seems to have been done, basis on what two experts have said. My understanding was a basic kubaton can be used, and carried as a keyring, which was his defense. There is no...
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    Draw Knifes

    Have an old draw knife with the right angle handles. Thinking about losing those handles, in favor of the frost style straight line style. Any reason not to?
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    Aldi - 1-4-2010 - Folding Saws

    Aldi got the folding saws back on April 1st.