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  1. Stiks

    For Sale Granite Gear Crown 2 Backpack 60L

    A well respected pack, lightweight and tough. Walked Hadrian's Wall and around Northumberland with this on my back. It carried well right up to design weight and just over. Very slight wear on the rear mesh pocket but that's it. Cost over 200 quid new ... I'll take 80 quid posted. Be safe guys.
  2. Stiks

    Sold Solo Stove and 900ml pot

    Hey all, Simply, a great efficient stove. What more can one say. Been used of course but they're bomb proof. Over 100 quid the pair new, .... 50 quid posted. Hope your all going safely. Cheers!
  3. Stiks

    Sold Two M390 fixed blade knives.

    Hi all, another clear out of a few bits. LionSteel M4-ST M390, santos palissander LionSteel M1-UL Olive wood Nice knives these, the M390 steel is very good indeed, takes a fine edge and holds it well. With readily available small diamond/ceramic sharpening stones they are easy enough...
  4. Stiks

    Withdrawn GRANITE GEAR Crown 2 60 Litre lightweight Rucksack.

    Nice pack this. I was out carrying this for 6 weeks Feb & March this year, it carried the15-20 kg well even though it's rated to only15kg. A few scuffs on the mesh pocket I've shown in the pics. The rest in excellent condition as you can see. It's nice and light but built well, recommended by...
  5. Stiks

    Sold IMALENT DM21C ... Torch ... 2000 lumen output

    Torch clear out, adding to my trip fund. Nice little torch this with handy USB magnetic charging. Nice combination of beam width and throw. Quoted 366m It's been a good torch but no longer needed so it may as well do someone some good. Few little marks but nothing bad. Lens unmarked. I've...
  6. Stiks

    Sold GoPro Black 5 with a few bits

    Hey Guys, Still selling bits to fund my next trip. Now I have my new compact camera and happy with it there's no need for this small marvel. I've taken mainly pics with it tbh, it's rarely been used to it's full potential. The pictures were surprisingly good actually. The 4K video is great...
  7. Stiks

    Sold Exped down mat XP winter LW, a high rated sleeping mat.

    Ok last for today. As before raising cash for a trip. Practically new sleeping mat. No marks at all. Now, this may be a bit TOO much luxuriance for many on here! :) In Long Wide, this is big, comfy and warm. Has to be one of the highest rated mats you can buy, this is sleeping on Europa type...
  8. Stiks

    Sold AMOK DRAUMR Hammock

    Ok another sale raise cash for my trip. Great hammock this, most comfortable hammock I've used by far, especially if you're a side sleeper. .. When I return I'll be buying another for sure. There's an art to getting in and out, you'll soon learn it though! :) .... Stable when in, you can switch...
  9. Stiks

    Withdrawn An Axe and Two Knives .... Due to a trip had to withdraw un-sold

    Raising money for an extended trip, I need the cash to buy a good compact Camera and other bits for this trip, if we're not locked down completely again! May be delayed but it will happen. First in line, ... I love this Axe, but This is the more useful large hatchet by Karesuando. A great...
  10. Stiks

    Sold Six Moons Designs Serenity Net

    I'm selling my Gatewood Cape in another listing, have a gander. I used this with it. I've had this much longer than the Gatewood Cape which is practically brand new. I've sewn up one little hole where there is a inner tab, can't quite remember if I added that tab tbh. No holes or problems with...
  11. Stiks


    Selling my Gatewood Cape. I mostly use a tent now for health reasons, and they don't really like me doing that! We reached a compromise. ;) Anyhow this has been out with only once, there is some dirt on the stake out loops! haha. And I've not done the tidiest job sealing the seams, it's not bad...
  12. Stiks

    For Sale Gear Clearout 5

    More stuff guys. Same theme, pack weight and size reduction. Plus just unused kit. First, Thermarest mat. .. XTherm, the warm one! ... You can find all the specs on the net. This is the large one, plenty room for the fidgeters! This is pretty light but I got a smaller and lighter one, not...
  13. Stiks

    Sold Gear Clear out 4

    More gear guys and still more to come after this. Never knew I had so much stuff. Same theme, need to lighten my load and move on gear gathering dust. I've let this gear go at good prices, it's no good sitting there and it's nice to help out fellow bushcrafter's who may be struggling to buy...
  14. Stiks

    Sold Unused gear clear-out 3

    Few more bits here guys. As with my other clear-out sales, reducing weight plus gear that's just left doing nowt and gathering dust. It's surprising how much one collects over the years. Trangia UL 27 stove. Stood the test of time these, for good reason! ..... They just work and work well...
  15. Stiks

    For Sale Clearing out unused gear 2

    Some more for you to ponder over. ... As before I'm reducing weight due to my fossil like personage ! Victorinox Swisstool X. .... Good nik, there is a very slight amount of play in the pliers now. Still cuts thin wire without issue, so not much at all. Everything else is just as it should be...
  16. Stiks

    For Sale Clearing out unused gear! .. Quite a few useful bits.

    Having a clear out guys, not sure if I should list these separately or all in one, but here goes. Too much gear, plus I'm trying to drop the heavier things, I need to lighten up, getting a tad long in the tooth! .... This stuff, I either have a lighter alternative or just a preference for some...
  17. Stiks

    Sold BearPaw / Bodnik Slick Stick LH #50 Draw weight

    I bet there's a few archers on here. Thought I'd try it here first. Selling my Left Hand Bodnik Slick Stick. # 50 Draw weight. In great condition. This was the first Bodnik bow I bought. I was very impressed with the smooth draw and it's speed. So much so I bought 2 more from there more...
  18. Stiks

    Sold SIX MOON DESIGNS Serenity Bug Tent

    SOLD ....... Thank you beachlover & BCUK. Another bug shelter of mine for sale. I hate midges, almost as much as my dog! :) Superb bit of kit under a tarp or hooked up to a tree on fine nights. I've only used it twice, I now have a tarp with fitted bug net and use that now. Nowhere near as...
  19. Stiks

    For Sale Therm a Rest Luxury Lite Cot Bug Shelter XL

    Hey guys selling my bug shelter. It's been sitting unused for a long time so it may as well go to someone who'll put it to good use. Sold the cot ages ago, far to comfortable! :) I've used this on several occasions as a standalone bug free zone, it's great for that under a tarp or just under...
  20. Stiks

    Ten point gt flex crossbow

    TENPOINT GT FLEX CROSSBOW I love this crossbow and it's a very reluctant sale When I started archery I shot a Trad bow, an American Flatbow, as a member of NFAS. I had to give up on trad bows (my real love) as my damaged left hand and wrist started to suffer I then had a go with compound...