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  1. Trunks

    For Sale Hammock Gear Cuben Fibre Winter palace tarp

    For sale is my Hammock Gear Cuben Fibre Winter palace, catcut with 10ft ridge length with door tie back points and side pull out points too. It is tricked out with Dutchware Titanium "D" ring guy tie-outs on all tie-out points, you can’t buy these online anymore? Dutch sent them on to HG for me...
  2. Trunks

    Wanted Nova Craft Bob Special or similar

    Hi all, as the title really... I'm looking for a Nova Craft Bob Special canoe or something similar. Maybe a Prospector? Doesn't necessarily have to be Nova Craft, but looking for something in good condition, Royalex or Tuffstuff please. Thanks
  3. Trunks

    Stuart Mitchell knife with one of a kind custom sheath

    Hi all, I have for sale my custom made Stuart Mitchell knife with custom leather sheath Price, inc postage, £350 (reduced from £380), (preferably by bank transfer) The knife: This is a knife Stu made to my design a few years ago. The blade is RWL34, which is a stainless steel, but takes an...
  4. Trunks

    Hunka XL bivvy bag

    Hi all, I have for sale my Hunka XL bivvy bag, in "Lego" colour. Price, all in £55 This is in fantastic condition, has been used once! No tears, holes etc. The Hunka XL is pretty much permanently out of stock with Alpkit it is that popular. The XL is a must for someone like me, sized large...
  5. Trunks

    Barbour Solway Zipper Wax Jacket Coat with attachable hood

    Hi all, I have for sale my Barbour Solway Zipper Wax Jacket Coat with attachable hood. Price, all in £65 This is a great coat, in fantastic condition. It has not seen much use & has been well looked after. No tears, holes or loose stitching. It is sized Large - I am 44" chest and this coat...
  6. Trunks

    NANOK Comfort Down -5 Sleeping bag

    Hi all, I have for sale my NANOK Comfort Down -5 rated sleeping bag. Price, all in £60 This is a great bag, made by the same company who make (or used to?) Uncle Ray's bags. The double zipper makes it ideal for use in the hammock or Bivvi. It is lightweight, warm & packs down very small...
  7. Trunks

    The iconic Mountain Laurel Designs TRAILSTAR.

    For Sale! £180 The iconic Mountain Laurel Designs TRAILSTAR. I'm asking £180 plus postage or collect for free :) Seam sealed by myself, Used twice. In perfect condition. The pictures are of the actual item. (Currently $230, plus shipping & TAX from the USA New) Grab a bargain.
  8. Trunks

    Scarpa Attack boots 11/45, Yeti gaiters, Wine skin, 500ml Trangia meths bottle

    Hi all, Having a bit of a clear-out, so have some items to move on. Scarpa Attack Boots Size 11/45 with Yeti Gaiters £55 including postage & PP Great quality boots and Gaiters, i'll clean them up and re-dub them before posting - i'll even fit them for you if you want. Loads of tread left...
  9. Trunks

    WANTED 25mm hardened plastic ammo box

    Hi all, I'm looking for a (preferably 2). 25mm plastic ammo boxes. Just like the ones in this link:  I can only find them in USA, but the postage is a killer. Thanks James
  10. Trunks

    Woodlore Folding Buck Saw

    As the title really, anyone out there have a Woodlore folding buck saw they are willing to sell on? Thanks James
  11. Trunks

    Light weight, small pack synthetic sleeping bag wanted - rated -5C. Ideas anyone?

    The time has come to buy a new sleeping bag :) I'm hoping to get out in the TrailStar more this summer, so want a synthetic bag - just in case it tips it down. I'd like it to be light weight and pack down small - i recon rated down to -5C would cover me for all eventualities. So, can you...
  12. Trunks

    TrailStar InnerNet, what do you think?

    Evening all, I'm looking for an inner for the TrailStar and quite like the look of MLD's InnerNet: Has anyone got experience with this? Or is there a better alternative out there? Cheers
  13. Trunks

    Muck or Grub boots? Recommendations please.

    Evening all, i'm after a new pair of wellie type boots and the Grub Stalking 5.0 boots seem to get good reviews - but the Muck, Muckmaster also get good reviews. My main concern/consideration is making sure there is good arch support etc inside. The Muck boot mentions this in the sales blurb...
  14. Trunks

    Old Town Hunter Canoe, any good?

    Evening all, My mate is thinking of selling his Old town Hunter canoe! It's barely been used. Just wondering what people's views are of Old Town as a manufacturer and the Hunter as a canoe? Also, what's it worth second hand? Cheers James
  15. Trunks

    Ti wear, Bivi, OHM 2.0 & other bits for sale

    Hi all, Price drop on ULA & Juice Another clear out & some more bits for sale from me! All prices include postage & paypal fees. ULA Ohm 2.0 NOW SOLD £130 (was £150, (RRP £175)) 64 Litres, Internal Frame pack with hydration pack. Very light weight at only 820g Medium torso length (18"-21")...
  16. Trunks

    A night at Codale Tarn

    Having spent most of the summer keeping our respective families occupied, Snozz & I decided to head off for a bit of adventure. Making a departure from our usual hanging trips, we decided to Bivi in the Lake District. The only problem was, i had no Bivi kit. So after buying something to sleep...
  17. Trunks

    MLD Trailstar in SilNylon

    Hi all, A long shot i know! Having just borrowed Shewie's Trailstar & researched making my own, i have realised buying one would be the easier option :) So, does anyone have a Trailstar out there that is just sat in your gear box that you would be willing to sell? I would prefer the grey Sil...
  18. Trunks


    To mark the solstice & be occupied round the fire, I cut some Sycamore & decided to have another go at carving a spoon. I have learnt many lessons making this spoon, first being: if it seems like your going to have a knot in the bowl of the spoon, it's going to be hard work from that point on...
  19. Trunks

    Scotch eyed auger

    Morning all, just wondering if anyone out there has a spare scotch eyed auger they would be willing to sell? I used to have one of the 8" long ones off eBay, but it seems to have disappeared after out recent building work, and they are no longer available on eBay :( Cheers James
  20. Trunks

    .22 Weihrauch HW77K air rifle for sale

    Hi all, Up for sale is my .22 Weihrauch HW77K. It's in great condition, i bought it last year off another forum member and shot this a dozen times. I'm selling as i have just bought a new, V-MACH tuned HW97KT :) so this is now surplus to requirements. The HW77K is legendary, and a...