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  1. swright81076

    Woodland / bushcraft event West Yorkshire. Help wanted.

    Evening all. I've been rushed off my feet over the last couple of months and had little forum time, and the reason is planning this 4 day woodland event. We begin on Tuesday 22nd april until 25th, 10 till 5. The first 2 days are demonstrating traditional woodland crafts such as hurdle making...
  2. swright81076

    Lifesaver bottle eBay

    A quick heads up. You gotta be quick, as their ending soon. Lifesaver bottles on eBay for less than £30. Just bagged one myself. Search for lifesaver bottle. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 2
  3. swright81076

    Hawthorn leather revisited

    Following this year of strange weather, late spring, heavy rain and heatwaves, the fruits around here are huge, plump and juicy. So after foraging various nuts and fruits today, I collected a couple pounds of haws. I've been munching on them for days as they are far juicier and plumper than...
  4. swright81076

    Castle Howard wood festival this weekend Anyone going this weekend? Loads of traditional English woodland skills, lumberjack demonstrations, axe throwing, bushcraft, archery and so on. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 2
  5. swright81076

    New Storm Kettle group buy (Sept 2013)

    Here is the second Storm kettle group buy, this time I am happy to be able to offer the Storm 4 litre and 8 litre Dutch ovens, which come pre seasoned. This time around, the full range of kettles are available in the hard anodised coating as well as traditional aluminium. These are unbelievable...
  6. swright81076

    New Storm Kettle group buy heads up

    I am fortunate again to be able to offer a group buy for the amazing storm kettles again this September, This will begin next week and will run till the end of sept. I am able to offer the full range of kettles, from the f1 to the f4 at roughly the same price as the last group buy (royal mail...
  7. swright81076

    Elder hand drill

    I've been having a play today with friction fires. Struggled with the bow drill owing to my drill not being straight or long enough :confused:, so a little foraging is on the cards for tomorrow! However, I'd had a long length of dry elder in the shed for ages, about half inch diameter and...
  8. swright81076

    Bushcraft/backwoods event volunteers needed

    As the title says, I am looking for a few of you folk to help out with a woodlands/bushcraft event on 7th august this year at my local woodlands in Castleford, West Yorkshire. I have been involved with a local woodlands friends group for a little while now, helping with the rangers forest...
  9. swright81076

    Touching story and video

    You may have seen this before, or know of the story. I have a misplaced 'Chopper Reid' view on emotions and hardly ever find 'touching' things 'touching'. However I did find this quite emotional and thought I'd share. The story is of a severely disabled son who asks his father (who has a heart...
  10. swright81076

    Pignut hunting

    Chiseller and I (along with Chiseller III) went on a bimble today in the hope of foraging some st George mushrooms. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be any about, however we did come across pignuts, and plenty of them. Between us we dug up a couple each. These were good eating. This was...
  11. swright81076

    Advice about eBay

    Sorry this is completely off topic, but any advice is appreciated. I bought a number of courier deliveries via eBay, costing £80 (18 in total). It was a buy it now, and choose quantity. The courier arrived promptly, but took over a week to deliver 1 item, the rest were returned to me. The...
  12. swright81076

    Heads up 'look what we found'

    Just a quick heads up. Asda are selling the look what we found range at £1 for the chili con carne and £1.49 for the others. touched by nature
  13. swright81076

    Heads up storm kettle group buy on

    A quick heads up for anyone interested. I'm running a group buy for storm kettles over in the group buy forum. Cheers Steve touched by nature
  14. swright81076

    Storm Kettle Group Buy [closed]

    I have been chatting with the lads at the storm kettle shop (tornado boiler co), and am fortunate enough to be able to offer a group buy on the full range of storm kettles currently in production (sadly at the moment I can't offer the cook kit or pan support, but these can be bought from them...
  15. swright81076

    Horse hoof fungus.

    I've had a strange development with some horses hoof fungus I liberated at the weekend. The amaduo later was very thick, so instead of the traditional way of 'peeling' it. I cut off the bottom spore part, and sliced layers of the amaduo off. Now half was put on the window ledge to dry, the...
  16. swright81076

    1100th post competition. Over 18s.

    Hi all, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since I was welcomed into this marvelous fold. And here I am, several months on, passing my 1000th post. Firstly thanks to everyone I know and have met, and those of you I have yet to meet. You are a great bunch. Now on with the fun. The winner of this...
  17. swright81076

    Should I buy a vapalux m320?

    I don't need one, I'd only probably use it a handful of times a year. But. I want one. Now I've seen an unissued one at a store for £100 (silver). Firstly. Is £100 a good price for basically a new one, in mint condition? Secondly. How much better are these than say a Coleman petrol lantern...
  18. swright81076

    Storm f1 kettle 35% off

    The storm boys at the storm kettle shop are doing an mkettle amnesty. The idea is to send them your mkettle, they'll give you a discount code for 35% off the f1 or f1ti. No affiliation etc, just a satisfied customer. touched by nature
  19. swright81076

    Dewalt dc618kb nail gun bnib

    A non bushy item for sale here, but it may be of use to someone. A brand new, unused dewalt nail gun. Complete with charger and 2 batteries (2.6 ah NiMH) It's a top of the line nailer, never used. I don't need this since moving to a new house last year, swmbo says I'm not allowed to build...
  20. swright81076

    Heads up. Cheap Swazi gear

    The Swazi website are having a bargain bin sale. Dirt cheap prices, looks like cheap postage too. touched by nature