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  1. fiacha

    ESEE RAT4 - Plain edge - as new

    Hi, I'm looking for an ESEE RAT4 with plain edge in new condition. Desert finish preferred, but open to all offers. Thanks, Adrian.
  2. fiacha

    Hammock Slap Strap

    just came across this while browsing the DuluthPack website. Looks like a good idea. Anyone tried making something similar out of webbing ? i'd imagine the loop stitching would have to be very strong. would using knots to make the loops weaken the webbing / climbing tape too much ? I...
  3. fiacha

    WANTED Allan Blade Scandi Packpal

    In the unlikely event that anyone wants to sell on their scandi packpal, please get in touch :D
  4. fiacha

    OT..but anyone missing a Harris Hawk ?!

    sitting at my desk sulking over another late evening in work, when something blasts past my third floor window. i look out into the garden, but can't see anything. there's just a jingling noise like bells coming from the bushes below. assuming that one of the brewery cats has taken up base...
  5. fiacha

    quick question re brit army bivvi bag

    the non dpm surplus bivi seems to be recommended by a lot of people here. does anyone know if this bag on Surplus&Adventure is an original or a copy ? thanks
  6. fiacha

    possible billy bargain at aldi next week

    not sure how useful these would be as billy cans. anyone use something similar ? thanks