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    Catty recommendation and starter guide?

    As the title says, I'm after a recommendation for a beginner's catty and a Dummies guide Suggestions for a catty that'll suite a beginner and still serve for hunting later on would be appreciated. Advice on care, technique, etc. would also be useful. Thanks in advance.
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    Kukuri sheath in kydex

    Guys, I have a kukuri (model unknown) with the usual leather/wood sheath. While pretty I don't feel it is that practical for canoe camping in the usually damp and dismal British weather. I'm after either a custom made sheath or something off the shelf. Some basic requirements are: Openable...
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    Bushmoot programme?

    Is there a published schedule of activities for the moot? Due to an unexpected event (been laid off again!) I'm now free from the 4th onwards. While I would love to camp for the week I need to keep my spending in control as I don't know when I'll next have a job. Hopefully the day rate isn't...
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    Surf, inexperience and a new canoe - an interesting combination!

    Also put this on SotP but thought I'd post here too (Copy & Paste, I'm lazy like that!)
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    Custom F/S Commando Dagger sheath

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to make a custom sheath for a Fairbairn Sykes dagger. Black leather, covering the blade only, snap fastener over the cross guard and options for belt mounting high on the waste or two straps to buckle around the calf. Planning to give it as a gift to a...
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    Supporting Mountain Rescue Teams

    Guys, Last weeks events in Machynlleth have shone a light on the work of the many Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue volunteer Teams across the UK. With Tony's permission I thought I'd put up some information on the Team I have the honor of being a member of. I’m also making a plea on the...
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    Mountain Rescue draw prize ideas

    Hi guys, For some insane reason I'm now the Fundraising Officer for the Western Beacons Mountain Search and Rescue Team. This year we need to buy a new search and rescue control vehicle, which'll cost in the region of £50000!! One fundraising idea is to run a prize draw over the summer...
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    Sharpening a convex, is it different to a scandi?

    I have a F1 and Lansky kit to keep it in condition... but I'm not certain I'm sharpenning it correctly! Is it just the angle of the grind that's important? I believe the overall process is the same (coarse to fine grit, inceasing the number of passes each time and finish off on a strop with...
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    Western Beacons MSART fundraising - Cardiff 17th Dec

    A bit of blatant marketing and begging! :) I'm the fundraising officer for a Mountain Rescue team in south Wales. We cover the largest area in the UK with everything west of Cardiff (west of Penarth to be specific) including the whole of the Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire areas as far north...
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    UK Search and Rescue forum

    I thought I'd post this up as a few of the members on here are already involved with, or have an interest in, Search and Rescue volunteer services in the UK. UKPoliceOnline is a forum which was originally set up for serving/retired Police officers and those interested in joining the Police...
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    A quiet Sunday bimble

    I thought I'd post this up incase anyone is interested This is the BBC report on the callout we attended on Sunday. See, we don't just do mountains!! Nothing like spending 6 or 7 hours fighting your way through dense woods and brambles after the team...
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    ID this bird?

    Some think it's a Tawny Owl. What do you say? Joking aside I hope it's OK!
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    Gower camp recomendation

    Can anyone suggest a reasonable camping area somewhere in southern Gower? My daughter is going on a Duke of Ed training weekend and has to be in Rhossili bright and early Saturday morning. Being the lazy fecker I am, I don't fancy getting up early (ish) to drive from Neath, when I can just...
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    Search and rescue in south Wales - fancy helping out?

    Did you know that the Mountain Rescue teams cover more than just mountains and lost Duke of Edinburgh groups? We often work with the Police to search for missing persons. Sometimes it will be a hiker on a hill, other times it's a lost child, a Alzheimer’s patient who's wandered off or...
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    Lightweight and windproof - what are the options?

    Anyone got a recommendation for a top and trousers similar to a military "zoot suite"? I recently joined Mountain Rescue and have started walking a LOT further than I have in the past. This has really focussed me on the lighter weight options in life :) Occasionally there training weekends...
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    Knife licensing by the backdoor?

    I had an interesting conversation with my father last night. He mentioned that he had bought a katana sword on the carboot sale. Not for himself, but for my uncle who is a 3rd or 4th Dan Aikido instructor. Bearing in mind the threads on here where people have posted up their boot sale finds I...
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    turboflame lighter: refill

    HELP! How on earth do you refill the turboflame lighter? I tried following their instructions and just can't seem to get it right. I've bled the tank, held it the correct way and applied the gas can for than the recommended 10 seconds. The problem is it...
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    Can anyone educate the Police?

    On the UKPoliceOnline forum a question has been posed regarding theft and foraging rights. They appear to have a problem with the answer. Can any of you fine people help? I assure you, I'll claim all the credit! :) "A family are on a day trip to the NEW FOREST HAMPSHIRE. Mary - Is...
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    Snowdonia camping recommendation?

    The joys of being laid off! As I now have more "me time" and I have now sorted out my benefits and creditors (they're not a happy bunch!) I can get out and camp during the week. I ride a motorbike so would like to combine the two, and head off for a few days on the bike and string a hammock...
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    "The Road" movie

    "Viggo Mortensen (left) was presented with the Empire Icon award by Sean Bean. The star said fans could expect his forthcoming adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road to be "pretty gruesome"." Taken from the BBC News website's coverage of the Empire film awards. Should be interesting :)