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  1. Still Waters

    Any idea what these are?

    A freind of a freind has found these in a loft of an old house and is wondering what the hell they are Does anyone on here have an idea?
  2. Still Waters

    Any idea what these are?

  3. Still Waters

    Soldier 95 goretex dpm waterproof over trousers

    Soldier 95 goretex dpm waterproof over trousers Size leg 85 waist 88 seat 104 £25 packed and posted
  4. Still Waters

    Berghaus delta rucksack

    Berghaus delta rucksack Main compartment is approx 55-60 litres it has a top pocket on the lid and two side pouches One half of the waist buckle is missing and there are two small tears on the back padding fabric but these are easy repairs im just being honest about it These dont come up for...
  5. Still Waters

    1000 watt 12v-240 volt inverter

    12 volt to 240 volt one thousand watt inverter £100 packed and posted
  6. Still Waters

    Show us your badges

    My bcuk sew on badge arrived the other day and whilst i was deciding where to sew it i wondered where other members have stiched it on and what other patches/badges they also have So guys n girls lets see your badges and sew on patches etc:)
  7. Still Waters

    Deben tracer max gunlight

    I have the following scope mounted gun lamp for sale Its been used twice and the battery has been kept fully charged its all still in its original box £80 packed and posted
  8. Still Waters

    Eka nordic h8 knife

    EKA Nordic H8 Knife with sheath for sale Its a loverly knife but i just dont use it to justify keeping it £55 packed and posted
  9. Still Waters

    has anyone got these gloves?

    Has anyone got a pair of these gloves and how do you find them?
  10. Still Waters

    Recycling gas bottles

    I made these a couple of years ago but i thought i would share them with you guys n girls
  11. Still Waters

    Nanok endurance -10 sleeping bag

    I have a nanok endurance -10 sleeping bag to swap Ive only used it for four nights so its condition is still like new The original compression sack got chucked but i will include an issue one with it Im looking for a...
  12. Still Waters

    German Army Bundeswehr Mountain Rucksack

    Does anyone own one of these or have used one? Im wondering if they are any better than the uk issue longback bergen...
  13. Still Waters

    Bed roll idea

    I normally camp using an issue roll mat,bivvy bag and artic sleeping bag i put the roll mat and sleeping bag inside the bivvy bag Thinking about this today and the bottom material of the bivvy bag isnt needed as the closed cell foam kipmat will keep moisture from the ground away from me the...
  14. Still Waters

    EKA Nordic H8 Knife

    I have to swap a EKA Nordic H8 knife and sheath I would like the new style condor bushlore knife with sheath and a dc4 sharpener...
  15. Still Waters

    Bcuk free gift

    Whats the free gift when you join up as a full member?
  16. Still Waters

    Food flasks

    I know its not very bushcrafty but im looking for a reccomendation of a good quality food flask On beating days and other days helping the local keeper out i dont get time to light a stove and cook somthing and i need a warm meal inside me as sandwiches just dont cut it when its cold Id be...
  17. Still Waters

    Trouser opinions

    Hi guys and girls im about to invest in some new clothing as the colder wetter months are now coming and my old kit is getting rather tired Ive been looking at the jack pyke country man trouser and have read john fennas review on them and also looking at the highlander tempest...
  18. Still Waters

    Water filter

    Does anyone have any experiance with the water filter in the following link? It seems to be very good for the price which makes me wary of it
  19. Still Waters

    Sleeping bag advice

    Ive been humping my nanok -10 bag round with me for a while now and whilst in winter it keeps me lovely and snug the rest of the year is a little two warm and heavy/bulky. So ive decided to invest in a summer/autumn type bag and would like it to pack small and not be very heavy but i dont want...
  20. Still Waters

    Ebay heads up

    Ive found a set of two stainless steel folding sporks in a pouch on ebay with a buy it now or best offer option I had an offer of £3 accepted and the postage cost is a pound so £4 for two stainless steel folding forks in a pouch delivered to my door i think thats a bargain. the link is below...