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  1. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    In investigating just why a little used pair of Raichle Mountain Trail GTX boots are experiencing a disintegrating midsole unit I happened upon the linked article describing why the midsole disintegrates on boots that might not even be used, to consider yep Hydrolysis seems to be the cause of...
  2. Silverclaws2


    Honestly I see so many things being sold in the civilian market with the word ' Tactical ' affixed to the descriptions, to ask what does Tactical mean in a civilian context? Is it just a sales buzz word like the word ' Professional ' and ' Pro ' was some years ago or is there some real...
  3. Silverclaws2

    Web-Tex Hydration Pack? Newbie to hydration packs question

    Following my first hike of the year yesterday out on the green desert that is Dartmoor to tramp some ten miles on what was a surprisingly fine day I discovered I didn't do very well in the hydration department as in I didn't take enough water to consider at least doubling the quantity taken next...
  4. Silverclaws2

    I can uncomfortably feel every thread in my socks whilst hiking.

    So today furnished me with my first proper hike this year out on the moor, Dartmoor to be precise , to have prior had the usual problem with what to wear on my feet, to know it was going to be difficult and it was, to say it, it always is to experience the same problem every time I hike to now...
  5. Silverclaws2

    Scouts Young and Old?

    What with thoughts of returning to Scouting after a thirty year absence, I got to wondering how many Bushcrafters are ex Scouts, hell how many Bushcrafters are Scouts, be it Scout or Scouter?
  6. Silverclaws2

    A Long Shot - Saunders Spacepacker Plus, has anyone got one?

    Hi a bit of a long shot I know but am asking does anyone have a Saunders Spacepacker Plus tent that could perhaps do me a favour as in describe the hoop pole as I need to replace mine and it's not all there, hence asking. I know originally the pole came from Hampton Works and I know they still...
  7. Silverclaws2

    Disguising Camouflage ?

    Such as it is, I have to source dependable and functional outdoor gear from military surplus, of which presents a problem, a problem in that given, most of what is available comes in rather fetching DPM camouflage tones I don't particularly want to look like a cabbage, beyond any other...
  8. Silverclaws2

    Leather Craft..... Tools, where to purchase in the UK?

    And so it would seem the next craft I wish to teach myself is leather craft as at least something I can do indoors that doesn't risk burning the house down, (have always done non ferrous metalwork and some knife making), to have investigated online to conclude to avoid the ebay beginner's...
  9. Silverclaws2


    Hi today marked the day where both my partner and myself became proud owners of a couple of mirror sighting compasses, to have in our possession a Suunto MC-2 and a Recta DS-50 G, ( a badge engineered Suunto MC-2G), to have decided we would like to make a couple of leather compass cases for...
  10. Silverclaws2

    Epic Rohan Pampas?

    Has anyone any experience of these jackets that can relate ? As I have just got one to notice it appears to be a mk2 version in that it's somewhat different to the original - a fixed hood, top loading chest pockets in addition to the two top loading lower pockets, and a lighter mesh inner, no...
  11. Silverclaws2

    The Magnetic Compass.......

    And so it was I recently received yet another compass purchased from a certain popular auction website, an old Recta matchbox compass from the 1970's I think, maybe a DP5, purchased primarily for interest's sake as they had been on my radar back in the day. Anyway on reading the supplied...
  12. Silverclaws2

    Mora Companion, Stainless or CS?

    For use in the Britain, I am soon to purchase a couple of Mora's for both myself and my partner, to have alighted on the idea that perhaps stainless would be the way to go, but I am contested given prior experience of stainless versus carbon steel in terms of edge holding. Yeah I know edge...
  13. Silverclaws2

    Most popular/successful Fire lighting in the UK

    Hi, can the more experienced hands here please tell me what they in their experience and practice consider to be the most useful/successful non lighter or match fire lighting method under UK (mostly damp) conditions ?
  14. Silverclaws2

    Greetings again from Devon

    Greetings again from Devon and again as I was here before as the same without the '2', but alas with years online things like kit and memory have been lost, to have needed to have started again. I'm back and happy I'm back as to be be back along with the picking up of past interests and the...