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  1. woodgrain

    Using a Wooden Spoon.

    Danish Oil is choc full of nasty chemicals and usually rates as Very High on the VOC pollutant content. Robin's link, as ever, has fantastic, tried and tested information. I use good quality Tung Oil because I find it is tougher and dries a bit quicker but is still totally food-safe as long as...
  2. woodgrain

    Stolen woodland

    For oak's sake, elm glade this knot-sense has stopped. Some bast was boughnt to be a thorn in the side.
  3. woodgrain

    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    Polishing the bevels while you read this! The craft and skill that went into this is quite marvelous.
  4. woodgrain

    Stropping supplies?

    I recently got the leather and finer of the two compounds from Nic Westermann. Fella makes damn fine tools and the stropping gear works very well indeed. EDIT: just to say that the white compound I got from Nic is really, really fine and I've been using it after the Starkie blue to achieve an...
  5. woodgrain

    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    Mine, pictured below, is a friction folder made by Joel Delorme (Jojo). These pictures are from his site so I hope he doesn't mind me showing them. My wife kindly bought it for my 37th birthday last year. The English Walnut scales have darkened somewhat and I've given it a few taps on the pivot...
  6. woodgrain


    A good robust Mora is the #2 with original red painted, wooden handle. Carbon steel, 2.5mm thick across the spine as opposed to the 2mm of the Clipper and although not a full tang, 'tis fairly long. My favourite of the Moras and I've used mine fairly hard. Hope it helps.
  7. woodgrain

    a little something special for me dog

    Excellent! Must make something for my Toby dog (1/2 rottie 1/2 border collie) but won't be quite as grand as that.
  8. woodgrain

    a little something special for me dog

    Aye, your cracking inspiration on the leatherwork front Lee. look forward to seeing the Pooch model photos.
  9. woodgrain

    spoons / need some advice.

    Looking good, sir!
  10. woodgrain

    recent sheath for one bb wonderfull members

    Aye, it's always nice to see your stuff Lee. I love the stitching on that especially the curved section round the weep hole. How do you get it to match up front and back? Graeme :D
  11. woodgrain

    A nice piece of ash 2

    Seriously talented work there!
  12. woodgrain

    A walnut spoon

    Aye, very lovely is that.
  13. woodgrain

    leather belt

    Marvellous work. Lee. Been making a good few leather belts myself of late and can see the high quality of workmanship that you've put into that. Just like all your leather work really.
  14. woodgrain

    Back making again after a year out.

    A thing of true beauty. Hope your enjoying making again. Graeme
  15. woodgrain

    carving a scandinavian woodspirit ?

    Amazing work, just amazing!
  16. woodgrain

    Damascus Bushy

    My only criticism is that its not mine!
  17. woodgrain

    Rope for making dog leads - where & what?

    There is a product called Marlow Hardy Hemp which comes in all sorts of thicknesses. They certainly do it in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm as I have some in all four. It looks like a natural 3 strand hemp rope but has a softer handle and is rot proof poly-something-or-other. Google it. I use it for painters...
  18. woodgrain

    Walking staff advice

    Bark on - much nicer. Perhaps round off each end by cutting a little of the bark away to creatr a dome. Several good oilings after that and job done.
  19. woodgrain

    Knife Handle Tutorial

    Very informative, easy to understand and confidence inspiring. Thanks for this!Graeme :D
  20. woodgrain

    Custom Forged Wilderness Bushcraft Knife

    Wouldn't fancy that at a 1/4 of the price. The salt-hardening sounds interesting though.