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  1. dave89

    Car fix costs advice (trade costs)

    No I think bearing grease is lithium and red rubber grease is calcium.
  2. dave89

    2013 Defender

    I'd check the clutch switch is working properly.
  3. dave89

    Mora Garberg on Amazon £66

    Reviews seem to point towards poor quality finishes.
  4. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    I've no doubt that anything you do repetitively gets addictive, garlics another one that I can't live without, oh and salt. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  5. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    I am actually trying to eat less meat as I've got into a bit of a meat with every meal mindset, restaurants don't help if I see another goats cheese tart I'll scream. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  6. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    I just really really like cheese [emoji23] Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  7. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    Banana your looking at about 100,000 photos but they have been arond for ages and readily available whereas abavacardoes are a recent health fad like kale Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  8. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    500,000 pictures tagged avacardo on instagram
  9. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    The problem we have is the scale of people involved, People eat too much in general and they rarely think about where food comes from or the impact they have. For intance the rise in popularity (and Price) of Quinoa has increase the living standards in Peru. If everybody stopped eating meat this...
  10. dave89

    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    I don't get why everyone needs to put their views on to other people, you eat what you want for your own reasons thats your business not anyone elses.
  11. dave89

    Coffee Cups

    Thays a big problem with most of the mugs i have they don't fit in the car cup holder or are unstable.
  12. dave89

    Hults Bruk - Hultafors Axes....are they any good?

    Watched this last night, Good video i like it alot. Just a thought maybe you could add a link to where you can purchase these axes
  13. dave89

    Coffee Cups

    Yeah it's different here the coffee machine is behind the counter, so is the soda. No free refunds I'm afraid so you'd have to give the server your mug and ask them to fill it Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  14. dave89

    Coffee Cups

    I can't see how this can work in places like macdonalds? do i give them the cup at window one and then collect it agian with my meal? Just going to end up been lumbered with the 25p tax that 5% actually goes to improving recycling.
  15. dave89

    Alpkit Argonaut

    Looking at buying the alpkit argonaut and a lightweight waterproof for backpacking, does any one have any experiances with it? i can only find one reivew online.
  16. dave89

    Alternatives to the GB Scandinavian Forest Axe?

    I see what your saying, I myself have a old kent pattern thats great but I just I happned apon it. If i wanted a axe in the next few days I doubt I could find a good quaility one for less than £5. Where would I look? first suggestion is usually a carboot but from my experience they are just full...
  17. dave89


    I got some of those snow boots from decathlon they are warm, waterproof and confortable walk the dog in them most days done me well over a year for £10
  18. dave89

    New Garberg from Mora

    I recon it will still be a bit pricey for me, I'd be happy to pay around the £50 but I feel it will be closer to the £100 mark
  19. dave89

    Caravan or campervan / van conversion?

    Go Glamping its good for your ears
  20. dave89

    Coarse fishing: totally dumb newbie question....

    Baits tent to change over the seasons in winter i use maggots and bread, also one of mate swears by spicey peanut juice