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  1. Silverclaws2

    Boy Scouts USA getting eaten alive

    And that is what hinders progress and indeed human evolution; perception as opposed to practice, where of perception that hinders progress one must examine from where that perception originated to understand if one has been conditioned by forces external into working for those forces.
  2. Silverclaws2

    Boy Scouts USA getting eaten alive

    Yes, my partner also, an ex GG, of whom was recently gutted to learn the Venture Scouts had been mixed sex since 1976. Incidentally the UK world Membership emblem of which featured a white ( now silver) Fleur de lis on a purple background, I think,though it has been cited the purple related to...
  3. Silverclaws2

    Boy Scouts USA getting eaten alive

    Myself as someone seeking to return to scouting after a thirty year absence ( I have been an ASL), I have through obvious interest taken a keen interest in observing the movement as a whole, to consider whilst the British Scouting Movement has advanced far beyond my expectations, for me to be '...
  4. Silverclaws2

    'Security' buckles

    With the potential for 50mm buckle's to come open to dump the camera on the deck, I have long since been using the Lowepro S&F belt and shoulder harness system of which not only provides security but also takes the weight off the hips. Wherein using such a carrying system, one may find they're...
  5. Silverclaws2

    Tools for the Car.

    Not much these days, not much beyond, breakdown stuff, essential fluids, stirrup pump and pressure gauge ( I got a leaking rim) and a few spares, repair manual, bulbs, fuses. valve cores etc as it doesn't go far, mind, I don't trust it to go far. What I do have is good breakdown cover. And...
  6. Silverclaws2

    A really weird tip for sharpening scissors that worked for me

    I second Robson Valley's assertion and method of sharpening as it is much the same as what I do, though I use a fine grit stone, no idea what grit, but it's fine and it does the job. Doesn't take much, but might take a lot more after burring an edge onto the blades.
  7. Silverclaws2

    Old self-inflating mats starting to fail. Is it inevitable?

    Perhaps they're made from lesser materials.
  8. Silverclaws2

    Old self-inflating mats starting to fail. Is it inevitable?

    I would say how old a thing is, how well used it is and how it is stored could be factors in the longevity of plastic, they all break down eventually.
  9. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    These ones I have; ( though the tread on mine are less worn than the pair featured in the images, as in no tread 'dead' spots, unlike them)
  10. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    It is indeed curious as given where they were stored on an above head height shelf in the hallway along with all the other shoes, they did not come into contact with anything other than air and not warm air either given no central heating and no sunlight, to in fact be an ideal place to store...
  11. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

  12. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    Initially the high leg Defenders attracted but I have noticed they don't just do pongo boots, they do hiking boots too, in fact I believe Alt-Berg started out making hiking boots, to notice of their hiking boot range they have several width fittings, to be thinking along those lines at the...
  13. Silverclaws2

    What are you excited about?

    I have searched and I searched and I find I am not really looking forward to anything as well, years of ill health well prepared me for lockdown, to find I do what I can when I can, to not be too fussed if I can't of which I think sort of ties in with the Myers Briggs INFP personality type of...
  14. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    More or less what mine is doing, the outer tread being a stick on vibram surface is unworn. My glue job comprises of using Stormsure to fill in and stabilise where the midsole has disintegrated and then use Klebfest to glue the tread layer on. A sore pity is this midsole issue as the leather...
  15. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    Nah narrow fore foot, have had Scarpa's, the Manta's and they were too wide. Will be looking Alt-Berg were at least I know resoling won't be a problem as the factory claims they keep the lasts.
  16. Silverclaws2

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    In investigating just why a little used pair of Raichle Mountain Trail GTX boots are experiencing a disintegrating midsole unit I happened upon the linked article describing why the midsole disintegrates on boots that might not even be used, to consider yep Hydrolysis seems to be the cause of...
  17. Silverclaws2


    Honestly I see so many things being sold in the civilian market with the word ' Tactical ' affixed to the descriptions, to ask what does Tactical mean in a civilian context? Is it just a sales buzz word like the word ' Professional ' and ' Pro ' was some years ago or is there some real...
  18. Silverclaws2

    What did you buy today?

    Not particularly shiny but this ;
  19. Silverclaws2

    Why plastic taste develops in my camelbacks?

    Not having tried mine out yet to have experienced this plastic taste from them specifically but have experienced it from polypropylene water bottles to consider plastic chemicals may be leaching out of the plastic in certain conditions, like when it's warm for example, or could it be the added...
  20. Silverclaws2

    Web-Tex Hydration Pack? Newbie to hydration packs question

    And if it was I hadn't got hold of one of these things for free, I wouldn't have bought one, as to consider for how long they have been in use I have not felt compelled to buy one through being comfortable with water bottles, but seeing as I do have one I have not yet tried, well this a...