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  1. Still Waters

    Eka nordic h8 knife

    bumpety bump
  2. Still Waters

    Sometimes I just shake my head in despair

    Apparently the beefburger isle is exactly the same since they are selling horse for the same price as beef
  3. Still Waters

    Any idea what these are?

    Cheers Shewie They have really puzzled me but i do love a vintage curiosity
  4. Still Waters

    Any idea what these are?

    Ive no idea why the pics arent showing
  5. Still Waters

    Any idea what these are?

    A freind of a freind has found these in a loft of an old house and is wondering what the hell they are Does anyone on here have an idea?
  6. Still Waters

    Any idea what these are?

  7. Still Waters

    WW1 BRITISH OFFICERS STOVE (picture heavy)

    As the others have said very nice indeed
  8. Still Waters

    Really wet weather clothing

    When the weathers like it is now with constant rain and everything flooding its my korum all weather fishing suit
  9. Still Waters

    stuff i need to shift for stuff i need section 2

    Did you get my pm about the trade for the mug fella?
  10. Still Waters

    Berghaus delta rucksack

    bumpety bump
  11. Still Waters

    making my own oil lamp question

    Nicely done kieth and thanks for sharing the pics
  12. Still Waters

    Thirtieth birthday knife.

    What a lovely present
  13. Still Waters

    Soldier 95 goretex dpm waterproof over trousers

    Soldier 95 goretex dpm waterproof over trousers Size leg 85 waist 88 seat 104 £25 packed and posted
  14. Still Waters

    Vector Commando Bergen , Refurb

    nicely done and i like the orange flash idea
  15. Still Waters

    What is the Best best Bushcraft Hammock for the heavier chap (circa 120kg)

    I have a dd hammock but at the moment i cant tell you which one apart from its about 5 years old now Ive had myself the two kids and the dog swing in it at the same time and its held up fine
  16. Still Waters

    Do you read ?? Then I have something you might like......

    Dave count me in for one fella pm me the paypal addy and ill send the payment straight away Its mels brother btw we met earlier this year at my dads woodland Are you still up for organising a small gathering in return for clearing that excess holly?
  17. Still Waters

    Boots: Lowa Mountain GTX Boots Vs. Brit. Army Pro Boots

    Same as most boots with a hard wearing sole then as ive had the same problems A freind of mine swears by sliding fishnet tights over his boots when the going gets slippy but ive yet to try it myself
  18. Still Waters

    recommend me a 3 season bag

    Id love to see the specs and some pics of your system fella Im not trying to knock you its just ive tried a lot of combinations over the years and struggled to find the perfect system and im all for not spending money when it doesent need to be spent I do follow the idea that if your going to...
  19. Still Waters

    Hmmmm I had A thought today,

    Its not the meaning of life its the feeling of life and happiness is a by product of doing stuff
  20. Still Waters

    Boots: Lowa Mountain GTX Boots Vs. Brit. Army Pro Boots

    They are good boots and are as comfy as slippers but i wear the soles out very quickly ive since moved to meindle boots and find them more sturdy and i havent worn out this pair after 3 years of use