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    Interspecies bird battle.

    In early summer of 2011 I saw something quite spectacular which I still don't fully understand. An epic mass battle taking place between magpies and jackdaws which covered an entire hillside from about 500-1500 feet. The first hint at what was to come was two magpies chasing a jackdaw low over...
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    Dick Pronneke alone in the wilderness

    I don't know if this has been posted before but I really enjoyed it. Dick Pronneke has exactly the right attitude and makes himself at home in the wild. Hope yous like it.
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    Processing seeds?

    Hi all. I keep reading about dehusking, whinnowing and parching wild seeds but I can't find a 'how to' article anywhere online. Could someone point me in the right direction please. I'm also having trouble with the idea of beating grasses to harvest seeds. Surely one ergot infected seed would...
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    Which catapult?

    I noticed the last 'which catty' thread in my search was for 2004 so I can quite legitamately start this one I think. In short, I need a new catty (we call them 'puggies' up in Scotland) I noticed Hunter Catapults aren't doing buisiness right now, and there's nothing viable for sale on...
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    The humble hawthorn

    My very first post is about one of my favorite plants. I'm very sure it's appeared here a good few times before, but I can't say enough in favour of my old hedgerow friend. Now I have read a thread here discussing the vile taste of hawthorn fruit leather. I read it and decided to add a little...