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  1. jmatthews

    darkdrummer username change + bow drill

    Just thought I'd announce that I've changed my username from Dark Drummer to J Matthews, but more importantly that I got a bow drill to work for the first time the other day, which was shortly followed by a tremendous hi-five! Fantastic to see the tinder bundle finally burst into flames :)...
  2. jmatthews

    Where to get wool Jumpers?

    Now this might sound rather odd but I can't seem to find any good, cheap woollen jumpers. All I can find is designer labelled rubbish! I don't really know where to look. Any ideas where I can find some good cheap stuff? James
  3. jmatthews

    Norway Trip

    Hey all I'm planning a bushcraft trip to Norway, but don't know where to go! I have a friend that will be working near Evje, so if I were a few days walk away from there that would be good. Any ideas where would be good or where I can get a guidebook? I did find out that the Norwegians take...