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  1. Lore

    Another Tarp/Basha Question

    I currently have a USMCPRO and a Desert Camo Tarp/Basha, both weigh...
  2. Lore

    Living in the Past, Iron age reality

    Does anybody remember this? A look back at a program made by BBC about an iron age village. There is an interesting comment about how the people were chosen so that they would get along, how times change (with regard to reality tv)...
  3. Lore

    Thanks to Celtginger (Flint and Steel Castle Ward)

    I've had some flint out in the shed for the last while, a guy I work with gave me an old file used for horses hooves, I cut a three inch piece from the file making sure to keep it cool.I ground the file flat. I struck the steel of the flint, I got sparks. Today after work I made some charcloth...
  4. Lore

    Information on wild camping in Ireland

    Coillte, Ireland's leading forestry company has a very good website to do with getting outdoors. They give information on alot of the forest trails and recreation sites that they own. There is a some very good information on Wild Camping and Leave No Trace Camping. As I understand it you can get...
  5. Lore

    MPV Bivvy Bag

    Sale On MPV Bivvy Bag I just noticed this, I have bought from them with no problems. I have nothing to do with them etc,etc. I have bought one, used it once, so far seems good but at these prices you could buy one for each time you go out . At 17.49euro about £11.90 plus postage...
  6. Lore

    Folder and Fixed

    I have just received a Frost Lapplander 115 blade from the good stuff shop ( ) €25 delivered to Ireland. I have just started to shape the the slabs for the handle. Included in the package they sent me two pieces of Vulcan fiber free. I just want to point out that this is...
  7. Lore

    Non Bushcraft Music

    What music is on the bushcraft jukebox. At the momeent I am listening to, 10 000hz LEGEND by AIR whats on your jukebox?
  8. Lore

    Thing 1 and Thing 2

    Thing 1, Edged tools. Two questions.Question 1 is, how do you know when you have enough bushcraft blades. It seems to me that we all start off with one, possibly a Mora ( which I have a couple and think they are the best thing ever.) Then we read some more and get more ambitious and buy more...
  9. Lore

    Excellent Swedish knife site

    Anyone interested in Frost Mora Survival Knives (and other great quality knives) at very low prices especially with the Sterling and Euro exchange rates go to . I have bought some including the #2000 and the #760MG (SWAK). I Have found the website and more importantly the...