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  1. Lou

    A request for MOOT photos (old and new) for the BUSHMOOT's instagram/twitter feeds ....

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is 'recovering' from their time out in the woods! Thanks to everyone for making the Moot SO special yet again this year .... I thought I would strike whilst the iron's hot .... as many of you already know, I will be 'curating' the Bushmoot's Instagram and Twitter feeds...
  2. Lou

    tree trunk regrowth?

    We salvaged a mature silver birch trunk from a garden last year when it was chopped down. It is in two pieces, both of them are about 5 foot high and about 2 handspans in circumference with clean cuts at both ends. I leant both of them up against the house, sheltered from the rain and they have...
  3. Lou

    Anyone know anything about (or seen) a wolf kill?

    With all the talk about restoring the natural balance and predator reintroduction, I just thought I would ask anyone if they have any first hand experience with a wolf kill. Yesterday, my neighbour showed me where a red deer had been killed in our woods and I cannot find any other explanation...
  4. Lou

    Thank you

    Hi everyone, especially those who were at the Moot this year. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for making it such a wonderful two weeks. I had a great time. Every year I wonder if it could possibly get any better and every year it does. Thank you to Tony and Shelley and the mods...
  5. Lou

    B o a r !

  6. Lou

    Wanted: Boarskins

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this request, but here goes. I am looking for a couple of boar skins for a wee project I am doing at the moment. I was wondering if anyone has anything they would like to trade or know of any suppliers or friends who can get hold of a...
  7. Lou

    Snake ID

    Hi guys, can anyone ID this snake found on my friend's living room floor this morning :) is it a young adder? Thanks :)
  8. Lou

    1950s British Army Sentry Cape

    I don't know if anybody is interested in this, it is up on eBay: Maybe worth buying for the fabric alone...
  9. Lou

    Eureka Wicky up 2-3 person SUL tent

    I am thinking of buying this tent, has anyone already got one of them? I think they are quite new and are supposedly an alternative to the Go-Lite Shangri-La tent that is difficult to get hold of in Europe. I am looking for a tent which has a high weight to space ratio. It is a slightly...
  10. Lou

    Sourcing some unwashed wool yarn

    I have been trying to source some already spun, yet unwashed yarn, i.e. the stuff straight off the sheep, complete with lanolin intact. I want to knit myself a jumper which has some waterproof properties to it. I would prefer a 4 ply yarn which is finer than the classic Aran sweater weight as it...
  11. Lou

    Saying hello again esp. to the girls

    Hello again everyone, I joined BCUK back in 2011 then had a little bit of a break and since going to the Bushcraft Show last weekend have been back here again to check out what is going on. Hopefully I will be around for a while this time. :) I thought I would post up here just to say hello to...
  12. Lou

    White Burdock plant ID please....

    We have these plants all over the place and I think they are burdocks, but I am not 100% sure. The leaves are toothed rather than leaf shaped and the down is white rather than purple. I can see no other plant in my book that comes anywhere near it in habit though, the leaves atop the stalk...
  13. Lou

    please can anyone ID this crayfish?

    Caught from an extremely clean (glacial fed) french lake yesterday, large crayfish, about 10-15 cms long, turquoise between the joints of legs and green/brownish all over. Very aggressive, very fast movers. I want to know if this is an indigenous crayfish and therefore protected or can be caught...
  14. Lou

    identifying umbellifers - a handbook

    I want a book that id's umbellifers, the only things I can find on Amazon are these two oldish books:
  15. Lou

    taste of the water from the MSR dromedary

    Well, I got a dromedary and have been using it solidly for about a month and love it, APART from the fact that the water from it tastes rubbery and leaves a horrid taste in the mouth. I am wondering if anyone knows if after time this taste will disappear or will I always have to put up with my...
  16. Lou

    Twitter updates

    Is there anyway that BCUK can have its new threads posted to twitter automatically as they come up on this forum? I have no idea about the technology that needs to be used in able for tweets to be created, but it this one worth a try? twitterfeed ?
  17. Lou

    Deer skin for hammock under blanket?

    Ok, so I have been thinking about buying a wool blanket to go under my hammock this autumn and then I saw this on eBay: it is...
  18. Lou

    can anyone identify this snake?

    I found a dead snake today and was wondering what it could be. I am in the French Alps at 850m, it was out on a path by a pile of wood, it was deep black with brown marbling on the underside, 50/60 cms long, no markings on its face or neck, and yellow on the underside of its tail just at the...
  19. Lou

    A pattern for leather winter boots or mukluks

    Hi All, does anyone know of any patterns for making long winter boots out of soft leather, possibly with laces to tighten up the ankle? I have got some lovely light tan leather (suede) from Ian and now want to immerse myself in a project. I already have the soling material (Vibram 5mm rubber)...
  20. Lou


    Hi there, I have been Lune on this forum for a little while and have decided to change my username to TawnyHare. So here is my reintroduction....I have just come back from the woods of Beaminster, doing the BCUK Wild Food course and TOTALLY enjoyed myself, learnt a huge amount and am ready to...