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  1. giancarlo

    BushMoot 2007 - Photos

    Hi all, Been digging through some old hard drives and found photo's from the 2007 Moot. Some young faces on there @Lithril @sargey @leon-1 and of course @Tony :) Had a few photo's in there from some others too, they must have posted at the time and I saved them...
  2. giancarlo

    New Year, A Lone Wanderer Returns :)

    Hi all, I'm getting back on here, been sneaking around the last week to try get back into things. It's a bit overwhelming, I didn't know where to start.. so I thought I'd start in here! Been getting a little sentimental watching the BushMoot videos and seeing everyone on there :) Glad to see...
  3. giancarlo

    Field Cooker attached to tree

    Quite funny I thought ;) "field cooker by stefano santilli of studio22a, is a portable device which was designed to prepare and fry wild mushrooms. field cooker aims to encourage the consumption of nature. the device attaches to a tree which becomes both an outdoor kitchen and resting...
  4. giancarlo

    O.t.t .. S.a.k?

    Ok, perhaps too many abbreviation ? :) Check this out though "Fits in my pocket nicely".. some big pockets you have there mate! (before you go and buy one, I think it's just a joke) Cheers :) Carlo
  5. giancarlo

    Vibram "Five Fingers" (Shoes?)

    Came across this on a blog.. thought they were a bit odd! :) anyone tried them?
  6. giancarlo

    Sleeping...Bag? No... Suit!

    Made me chuckle :lmao: Cheers Carlo
  7. giancarlo

    AlpKit - Kit Back in Stock

    I know a few people mentioned they were after some of those clips & pegs. Just got this from them , thought i'd pass it on. " LiteStix, Tikes and Clippers back in stock They came in this morning folks: LiteStix - our titanium chop sticks, Tikes - our titanium tent pegs and Clippers - our...
  8. giancarlo

    Tatonka Tarp - Guy attachment points ?

    Hi guys, Just opened up my Tatonka 4 Tarp to check it out... Jeez it's a big'un! A bit confused over the attachment points though! I thought there would be loops, but I just have small "tabs" which are about 10 cm long, and over hang the edge by 1cm. I can't see how to attach anything to...
  9. giancarlo

    Outdoorcode Update

    Hi guys, I managed to get to through to Andrew on Sunday and had a good chat about everything that has been going on. I passed on a few of the comments from here and that people are getting very worried about their orders and some people aren't happy. He apologised profusely and...
  10. giancarlo

    The River Cottage Treatment - Tonight - Channel 4

    The River Cottage Treatment Tuesday 17 July 8:00pm - 9:00pm Channel 4 The first of a new series in which Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall invites a group of urban dwellers to spend a week at his...
  11. giancarlo

    AlpKit Bivvy Bag - Hunka

    Just got an email from them saying they are now on sale and some of us love the AlpKit "kit". I know someone mentioned them last month but can't find the thread so putting it here. Waterproof and breathable Integral stuff sack Sculptured hood with dual draw cord Fully taped seams £25...
  12. giancarlo

    Jet Kayak

    More for SOTP guys, but thought it was a funny watch :)
  13. giancarlo

    FS: Genuine British Army Lightweight Trousers

    Hi Guys, Want to get rid of these, wrong size for me :( More pics: Genuine British Army lightweight trousers in olive 4 pockets, Buttoned belt loops, Adjustable waist tabs Thigh pocket...
  14. giancarlo

    Main Site - Login Error

    EDIT: Seems to have sorted itself out now, nice one :) Hi Guys, Never seen this before, but it's just started happening to me: You might need to click on the ">> View picture in original size<<" under it to view the text correctly Visit the main site Login...
  15. giancarlo

    Traveling / Flying with a Ruck Sack

    Wondering what are people's experiences when travelling with a loaded ruck sack. I usually travel by boat if I'm going to Europe with my ruck sack, and i can keep it with me at all times. I do fly, but when I have in the past it's been for "proper" holidays, suitcases etc. I know I'm a bit...
  16. giancarlo

    Nanok Stuff Sack - "Tab"

    Just taken some pics of my bag for another thread and noticed something on the stuff sack bag. I'm sure lots of you already know this, but since I've had the bag nearly 2 years and not noticed it then it might be worth mentioning. I always thought the small tabs within the stuff sack was a...
  17. giancarlo

    Nanok Endurance SF 0 - Pack Size Comparison?

    Hi Guys, Had a search on here for the answer to this, but there's a lot about the -10, but not much on the 0 it seems. I already have the Nanok -25 and LOVE it to bits, it only has 2 down sides.. it's weight ( 2950 g) and it's pack size ( big! fully compressed.. sitting on it...
  18. giancarlo

    EcoSafe Firestarters?

    I came across this in a petrol station last year. They were on special so picked a packet up. They are (according to the packet) Simple, safe, non-harmful to the environment lighting papers Non-toxic Leaves no smell or taste Water resistantI wish I'd brought a whole lot more, since they are...
  19. giancarlo

    No design on blank search

    Quick one, If you do a search for something which doesn't exist "dsgdfgfdgdf" etc ( obviously.. you can't use THAT one now!) then it will return the "no posts found" page, but it doesn't have the design template surround that the main pages use. No biggy, but something i just noticed
  20. giancarlo

    Summer BushMoot - From Jersey?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of making the trip over from Jersey to make it the Summer BushMoot. Having trouble figuring out the best / cheapest way to get there tho. Looks like I'll have to fly into Cardiff International Airport on the 27th, but from then on i'm using Google Maps to figure out the...