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    Hot drink v hot water bottle

    Im sure i cant be the first to have wondered which is more effective. Has anyone else taken a proper/scientific approach to evaluate which is better?
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    Lymes..... early treatment response

    I've been lucky enough to be picked as one of the few chosen who shall contract lymes. Fortunately, I spotted symptoms quickly and am on the doxycycline regime (100mg/twice daily for a fortnight) within 5 days of the bite. So far the pills seem to be kicking the symptoms back into touch, but I...
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    Who needs a multi tool!?

    Saw this video linked on another forum, amazing skills!
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    Highlander Trooper 45 rucksack - feedback

    Does anyone know the capacity of the main compartment and the side pouches? (yeah i know, "a total of 45L") :cool:
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    Toddy! .....your inbox is full

    ...time for some housekeeping :P
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    Fire-ware? (czech m92 field shirt)

    Soooo, I've been looking for a very lightweight cotton smock i can pullover the synthetics before going near the camp fire. Sadly the ideal item I found seems to be sold out ( I wondered if anyone know of another source, or...
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    Practical/Real world camo/concealment

    Has anyone got any links to simple tips/guides for concealment.
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    Hilltrek Spotted on ebay

    looks like a rannoch, currently going for a low price so I thought you guys might want a heads up: ps. nothing to do with me whatsoever.
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    DD Tarp

    Before I venture onto the evilbay, is anyone looking to shift a dd tarp (in good nick)?
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    Trangia Duossal

    Any idea what the going rate is for a trangia duossal, brand new in packaging?
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    Dyeing Ventile/DPM

    Im entertaining the idea of switching to a ventile dpm smock, but I'd like to dye it to something more neutral. I just wondered if anyone had already tried this and if so, how it had turned out.... before i go making a big mistake ;)
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    Source for merino fabric

    Has anyone got a clue where to find sheet merino (preferably uk)? Im after ~200-400 gsm, about a metre square. edit: theres suppliers in finland, but im hoping for something closer to home.
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    Recommendations for waterproof trousers - Not MTP/DPM/Camo etc

    Just a quick one really, can anyone recommend waterproof trousers for hiking/general camp bumming around for <£50. Im trying to avoid camo, despite the great price/performance of the surplus ones. If you've got any great ideas I'd love to hear them, along with the reasoning. Thanks in...
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    Folding camp grill (lightweight)

    bit of a tenuous attempt here, but, has anyone happened to see a high street source for these?
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    Stormlite - who are they?

    Pretty much as the title says, Im trying to find a website/info on the manufacturer. Sadly my googling abilities appear to have been depressed by a medicinal mulled wine with lunch :)
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    looking for a folding knife.. straight blade and wood cutter

    Since this forum seems to be sharpaholics anonymous I thought I'd try and pick your brains :cool: I've been looking for a simple folder with two blades. One for simple cutting (plain, pref scandi grind) and one serrated for cutting wood. Has anyone come across one?
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    head scratching : zelph super stove

    I'll admit, Ive got the itch to fettle <twitches> So, I've been scratching my head over the zelph super stove. I cant work out how hes made it....any ideas?
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    heads up: Discounted Merino (icebreaker)

    No relationship at all, I just thought it'd be nice to contribute something to the community:
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    Fatty Platty....

    Hi folks, I was watching one of bobs excellent videos and saw him using what looks like a platypus pouch with a wide mouth. (about 4:30 in on this video) Does anyone know what it is/if you can still get them?
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    Hot assets......(no, its not like those spam emails)

    I've struggled to think how to word without further ado. When I exercise, heat tends to concentrate in areas you really dont want it to. Im already a fan of medicated talcs, but in a quest to avoid the dreaded tinea, what underwear do folks recommend for blokes? It won't come a...