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  1. Greywolf

    Thinking outside the box bucksaw

    I was involved in the bucksaw competition, but I didn't have the time to make my real entry due to other things getting in the way. So.... Here is my Bucksaw, as per the spec of the competition, it fits inside a bergan and collapses for carrying. Yes, that IS my Bergan backframe...
  2. Greywolf

    Is it a cloak or a boat?

    I was doing a search for cloak patterns on Google and came across this :eek: Greywolf
  3. Greywolf

    recycled tinder

    I got myself a firesteel, and having a lack of natural tinders to try my hand at I started to have a good look about to find something to burn :p my research has led me to find a fantastic discovery... Jiffy bags. These beauties are made from waxed paper layers with paper pulp sandwiched...
  4. Greywolf

    Mobile phones are hazardous to your health

    A woman has been rushed to hospital after swallowing her mobile phone. The Woman swallowed it in a bid to stop her boyfriend from using it after a row. The phone lodged in her throat and had to be removed at the local hospital in Missouri USA. Full story from BBC :eek: Greywolf
  5. Greywolf

    Happy Birthday Rhianwen

    Happy Birthday to my Wife Rhianwen :lurk: :beerchug: :beerchug: :240: :grouphug: Loads of hugs Carl x
  6. Greywolf

    Magnetic pole off for a wander The magnetic pole is heading for Siberia, which means the Northern lights will be easier to see in Northern Europe (hurray!) but also means that your compass may not work (boo hiss) Apparently the Magnetic Pole has moved more in the last...
  7. Greywolf

    Swedish army Triangia, first impressions

    I heard good things about the Triangia, after all it's bombproof and idiot proof, but would it turn out to be Greywolf proof? Well, I had to find out. So, after a chat with the Boss, I ordered one online. It arrived this morning and I have been like a kid on xmas eve waiting 'til I could...
  8. Greywolf

    An Expedition to deepest darkest...

    ...Hull Ok, not as exciting as some of the journies some on here have gone on, but as a starting point it was wonderful :D I took the boys (10 years and 8 years old) out to the local wooded area, an old chalk quarry that's been given over to nature managed by the local community wardens as...
  9. Greywolf

    Hunting Act Conviction

    Just heard about this, so make sure you have a landowners permission before bagging a rabbit or two ;) Hunting Act conviction Merseyside police has secured the UK’s first ever conviction for offences under the Hunting Act 2004 - but it was not a person who was following hounds on...
  10. Greywolf

    Poem ~ Urban Abbo

    I am an urban Abbo As in aborigine I like to make things ‘primitive’ From sticks and string, you see I can make an Atlatl Or a blowgun and its darts Half the fun’s researching The long forgotten arts With a scrap of leather And a decent length of string I can chuck rocks at rabbits...
  11. Greywolf

    Extremely basic Firedrill demo

    The BBC as part of its history website have created this game to help children learn about how Iron age folks make there own everything :D There is a very basic tutorial on how a bowdrill is used to make fire Have...
  12. Greywolf

    Ray Mears, how I hate you (poem)

    Ray Mears how I hate you Making people go ‘wild’ You reveal bushcraft secrets In your voice, Oh so mild. They’ve camped in my garden And they’re eating my peas Will you stop teaching them? I’ll say “pretty please!” So give up book writing Don’t go on TV Please come round to my place…...
  13. Greywolf

    Brain overload...

    ... just so much info to take in :D Hello, Im Greywolf and Im a complete novice (apart from my younger days in the scouts) but I followed a link on another forum and found this site. I am originally from the other side of the pennines, but live in East Yorkshire not far from Hell...