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  1. Laurentius

    Advice on selling a knife on the forum

    My suspicion is that the sender pays extra for Royal Mail/Parcel force to confirm age on delivery. I had a blade delivered not long ago, and there was an extra charge on the invoice for age verification, so presumably the sender had added what they had to pay to the bill. The postie of course...
  2. Laurentius


    Because military surplus is too old school and conjures up images of musty smelling canvas and loose stitching (which maybe has an ironic hipster appeal) Tactical in marketing seems to scream out "special forces", "covert operations", cos you know Heroes of Telemark is so old school and even...
  3. Laurentius

    Hiking Stick help

    There are various things to be considered, chief amongst them how durable it is and how well it will bear your weight over time without weakening or fatiguing, worst thing to happen is if it were to suddenly give way. I use a stick as an actual walking aid on a daily basis wherever I go, which...
  4. Laurentius

    New Countryside Code

    Words of two syllables and more are considered challenging to our snowflake generation.
  5. Laurentius

    RIP Prince Philip.

    There seem to be mixed feeling about him from some of the "republican" commentators on teh Interwebs, but I am not a royalist and I don't have anything against him. He saw active service and instituted the DoE awards. So he said a few (well more than a few) politically incorrect things, that...
  6. Laurentius

    Recommend a wind breaker.....

    Can't go wrong with this a bit basic, no zips to snag, huge pockets and is surprisingly warm when the wind is blowing.
  7. Laurentius

    Not quite 'bushcraft' but camping

    You cannot go into any wood anywhere these days without encountering a plethora of stereotypical "bushcraft shelters" they seem to be as abundant as the scars of barbecues and discarded beer cans.
  8. Laurentius


    I have both a Sting and a Saracen (bushcrafters OCD, go figure) and I do not have a clue whether either, both, or none of them are genuine Lowe Alpine. My Lowe Alpine mountain cap on the other hand is the genuine article, and the mutts nuts goto winter headgear.
  9. Laurentius

    Polish Lavvu - how do you know what size you have?

    Interesting video, but I had kind of figured most of it out for myself. What came up next when I viewed that on YouTube was a face off between a US pup tent and the lavvu. My pup tent has got to be well old now, as I got it from a local army surplus stores back in the 1970s and it was not new then.
  10. Laurentius

    R and I Training Smock Green

    My brother had something very like that from Belstaff.
  11. Laurentius

    Softwood vs. hardwood?

    The Viking ships did not spring fully developed from nowhere, they had a long heritage. The Egyptians, Greeks and Carthaginians were building ships millenia before that but they always hugged the coast, whereas the Viking ships were capable of crossing the open sea.
  12. Laurentius

    Softwood vs. hardwood?

    Willow is classed as a hard wood and it grows ridiculously fast.
  13. Laurentius

    Windproof Smock - Wet weather options

    If you are going to wear something that is not 100% waterproof (and what other than vinyl is?) most comfortable layer underneath is wool.
  14. Laurentius

    1980s Survival catalogue pages

    Is that the outfit that used to have a shop outside Euston Station?
  15. Laurentius

    Not quite 'bushcraft' but camping

    Tent to crawl into when the weather gets really nasty, tarp for generally living/sleeping under and a windbreak. Being vehicle based the ammo boxes I mentioned in a previous post to keep stuff safe and to serve as worktop/tables, trangia cooker, canteens and camelbak bladder for water and a...
  16. Laurentius

    Hand made knife - recommendations please?

    I have broken the tip off a few knives before now, the latest being a spyderco, which I have now filed into sommat that almost looks right. I do wish I had paid more attention to my metalwork lessons at school, because to tell you the truth my file work leaves a bit to desire, but at the end of...
  17. Laurentius

    Helikon Pilgrim Anorak - anybody got one?

    The perfect Anorak does not exist, one of these days I shall have somebody make one to measure with the sleeves the length I need them, the pockets where I want them and a couple more that nobody ever includes, side zips or buttons to ease it on and caped shoulders to throw off the rain.
  18. Laurentius

    Missing a trick with belts?

    You stalked and killed your own buffalo, skinned it, tanned the hide, smelted the brass for the buckles and cast it, under a full moon with a set of runes and the right chanting.
  19. Laurentius

    Missing a trick with belts?

    I need to make myself a new leather belt as my old ones have shrunk. It is not hard to make a leather belt all you need is a length of leather, a buckle, a leather punch and rivets (or screws)
  20. Laurentius

    A Tour of Varusteleka: Outdoor and Military Specialists

    Yes but where does these days? We used to have grand old surplus store in Coventry that even had an ancient brass diving helmet in the window, but they put a road through it. With Covid the survivors hang on by the skin of their teeth with online sales, but it is not the same.