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  1. Bizmarty

    Sold Karrimor SF Sabre 75 Litre PLCE with Side Pockets - Sold

    Karrimor SF Sabre 75 Litre PLCE with Side Pockets. Excellent condition. £175 new without side pockets. £80 Posted
  2. Bizmarty

    Sold Terra Nova Saturn Bivi - Sold

    Terra Nova Saturn Bivi. This is a fantastic very good quality Gore-Tex Bivi. Size: 240 x 70 x 45 cms Packed Size: 40 x 13 cms Weight: 1.2kg Designed for military/extended all round use Twin precurved 7075 T9 aluminium alloy poles for extra head and footroom Extra long for kit storage...
  3. Bizmarty

    For Sale Price Drop - Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130 Litre PLCE with Accessories

    Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130 Litre PLCE with Side Pockets. Come with, Dry bags for main compartment and side pockets (main dry bag has a black mark on it, see picture), Also comes with, Karrimor SF Yoke System - The PLCE (Personal Load Carriage Equipment) Yoke allows the 2 PLCE Sidepockets to be...
  4. Bizmarty

    Sold River Cottage Handbooks 1 - 10 - Sold

    These books are a must for the foodie who likes to know more about their ingredients as well as having amazing recipes. They talk you through the science, techniques, technology, practices of each subject and provide you with mouthwatering recipes and how to guides for growing and foraging in...
  5. Bizmarty

    Sold Sorel Bobcat Size 11 - Sold

    Sorel Bobcat Size 11. Very good condition. £50 Posted. [/ATTACH]
  6. Bizmarty

    Sold Sorel Caribou Size 11 - Sold

    Sorel Caribou Size 11 with inner boot liner. The original Sorel boot features a nubuck leather upper with waterproof construction, seam-sealing and a removable ThermoPlus™ felt inner boot for warmth, comfort and protection in cold and wet winter weather. Best For: Heavy Snow THE CONSTRUCTION...
  7. Bizmarty

    Arctic/Winter Boots

    I know some of you guys have been on Artic Expeditions etc. I'm interested in the boots that you wore. All I really know is the sole should be made of soft rubber to minimize slippage! I would like a good pair and to hear your pro's/cons on them would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. Bizmarty

    Camo Tarp

    Does anyone have or know where one can purchase a camo tarp? I've googled but nothing of any quality really comes up. Looking for a 4m x 3m preferably but smaller would probably do. Thanks guys.
  9. Bizmarty

    Egg Powder

    I have searched everywhere for Egg Powder/Dried Egg in the UK. I’ve seen some recipes on here that use it. Can anyone tell me where they get theirs from please? Thanks :D
  10. Bizmarty

    Belt Buckle

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement belt buckle for a Karrimor Sabre 120? The one I have now keeps popping open under load! Not very good when trying to climb over things etc!
  11. Bizmarty

    Polycoton Tarp Repair

    Hello, I have a small 1-2 inch scag on a polycoton tarp, it is not holed but looks a lot thinner than the rest of the material due to a thread draging. What repair can you suggest? Patch or use some sort of sealant? Thanks
  12. Bizmarty

    Snugpak Underblanket

    Just got this Snugpak under blanket for my Jungle Hammock. Could someone please tell me how this attaches to the hammock!? I think I may have to extend the elastic to fit it? If you have got any pictures that would be great. Thanks
  13. Bizmarty

    Tarp Poles.

    Hi Guys, I'm new to using a tarp so please bear with me! I have a jungle hammock What I am looking for is 2 poles, maybe telescopic to adjust the height, that are small/light that I can take with me. I know you guys are going to say find...
  14. Bizmarty

    Waterproof bag to hold rucksack.

    Hi All, I have a small bivy, the Terra Nova Saturn which is obviously extremely small and no room for a rucksack and myself inside at the same time. What I am looking for is a very large waterproof bag to leave my 100-130 liter rucksack in outside in the elements whilst I’m tucked up inside...