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  1. S7eve

    Wanted Helle Lappland

    Looking for one of these second hand in good condition before I pull the trigger on a new one. Please PM me if you have one you want to move on. Thanks, Steve
  2. S7eve

    Sold Sea to Summit Eitherlight XT Sleeping Pad (Large)

    A Sea to Summit Eitherlight XT Sleeping Pad (Large). The condition is as new and it comes with the box and repair kit etc. There is Loads of info on the web on this particular pad. This is the large version 198cm x 64cm, weighs in at 625g & is 10cm thick. This was purchased last year, taken out...
  3. S7eve

    Axe Newbie Purchase - Should I send this back?

    Hi all. I’m new to the forum and to Bushcraft really. I’ve just purchased an axe as present for a friend but not sure about quality of the finish and if it can be cured by a novice sharpener. I purchased it online so it came to me without me looking it over first (not that I’d really know what...
  4. S7eve

    Good-day from West Sussex

    Hello BCUK members. I’ve come over from EM forum as it looks like there’s lots of usefull information on this forum as well. I’m no bushcrafter but do enjoy wild camping out with just me and the dog (the handsome fella in my avatar....called Reuben). Thanks for having me....... Steve