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  1. mwnci

    Coleman 530 "GI" Stove

    I have a friend who has picked up a Coleman 530 "GI" Stove and is looking to recondition it. From what I understand, its not seen use in some time. I have heard of soaking in meths to de-gunk. But as we have some stove experts I was wondering if you could pass on some tips or sign post some...
  2. mwnci

    Tree identification

    I know this is probably a VERY easy one, but i have only just managed to add Ash to my list of identifiable trees. Oak, Sycamor, Holly, Beech and some Birch being in the list already. These are from a cut tree that was fly tipped near where I live. I thought it was Yew, but want to make sure...
  3. mwnci

    Gluing bone

    Hi, I have been lurking for some time and have been collecting materials after being inspired by the creations on here! I have a couple of projects in mind for some deer bone that I have lying around. As a first project I was thinking of making a string keeper for my longbow. I had...