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  1. mwnci

    Greetings from Swansea Wales

    Hi Pete, welcome! I'm near Swansea also, there are quite a few south walians here. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  2. mwnci

    Cardiff and the environs

    Sounds good! Would be interested in see how it goes. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  3. mwnci

    Coleman 530 "GI" Stove

    I have a friend who has picked up a Coleman 530 "GI" Stove and is looking to recondition it. From what I understand, its not seen use in some time. I have heard of soaking in meths to de-gunk. But as we have some stove experts I was wondering if you could pass on some tips or sign post some...
  4. mwnci

    Project Survive

    I'm with you on that one Red, interesting and informative. I always found myself thinking I could do that watching the early River Cottage programmes. And the same with Edwardian Farm, thinking of moving to a less processed more hands on way of life. I can't abide reality TV, everything is in...
  5. mwnci

    Edwardian farm

    That's brought back some memories! I've got the theme music to Victorian Kitchen Garden stuck in my head now! :D
  6. mwnci

    Edwardian farm

    Agree totally, Edwardian Farm was the best of the shows. Victoriana Farm was good to. My all time favourite was Tales from the Green Valley which was way back in 2005. It started the whole run of series, and had Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman in it. For what it's worth Alex...
  7. mwnci

    Cardiff and the environs

    Hi Lizz, I'm West of you near Port Talbot. I don't get out as much as I'd like and still consider myself a beginner with plenty to learn. On the UCO lanterns, I have both. They are good to have, I prefer the larger of the two but often a good head torch is just as good. Richard
  8. mwnci

    Pimp my Carry

    What Bergen is that you've modded? I really enjoy looking at these threads, excellent workmanship wayland!
  9. mwnci

    leather sheath.

    Excellent piece of work as always! It really does suit that knife though, got to love the handle on the knife :)
  10. mwnci

    Lots of pics on Sami gear.

    I just spent an hour wandering around the web site, I took a postgraduate Heritage course after my history degree and Hazelius was a recurring figure. My Career moved on into IT and away from the Heritage field but that site was such a powerful blast from the past it has got my interest going...
  11. mwnci

    Welsh Bushcrafter Leather Pouches

    Looks good! PM Sent.
  12. mwnci

    Flint and Steel fire lighting kits (Dragon's Breath) for sale

    Looks good! PM Sent.
  13. mwnci

    Field Notebook With Leather Cover

    Don't mind if I do. PM Sent.
  14. mwnci

    New Year in the Black Mountains (pic heavy)

    What a great area, thanks for sharing. Given me some motivation there, I had been putting off going out for a night or two because of the weather. Think the wife might loose me for next weekend! Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
  15. mwnci

    A pair of leather belt-pouches

    Really like the look of those, you are right they look bombproof! Mwnci
  16. mwnci

    My first spoon

    This might help
  17. mwnci

    Solar Solution

    Excellent bit of ingenuity there!
  18. mwnci


    Excellent video Mesquite! Those bull roarers look the business, might have to give that a go!
  19. mwnci

    How to get rid of rust on the inside of a canteen?

    Not having had to solve the problem myself, wouldn't drying the inside stop the problem? Something like SILICA Gel packets popped in after the canteen has been air dried maybe? Was the canteen originally coated internally?
  20. mwnci

    another woodspirit

    Excellent! Would love to have a 10th of your talent!!!!