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  1. treadlightly

    Paraffin - what's a good price?

    I'm on the look out for a source of paraffin at a competitive price. So far, the best deal I've come across is £4.99 for 4 litres of C1 paraffin. Any suggestions as to where I could find it cheaper or is that the best deal out there? As I don't think there is duty levied on paraffin it seems...
  2. treadlightly

    Spring is in the air....

  3. treadlightly

    Sloes...where are they?

    Went sloe hunting last weekend and my favourite spots were almost devoid of them. I'm sure they were plentiful in the same area this time last year. Anyone noticed how quickly they've gone over? And you're supposed to wait for the first frosts, ha!
  4. treadlightly

    kudlik experiment

    I'm experimenting with a kudlik inspired stove for heat, light and cooking potential in a bender style shelter. I used small roasting dish, filled partially with vegetable oil and a length of cotton wool on one side of the dish as a wick. First go was encouraging, it burned happily for an hour...
  5. treadlightly

    stove problem

    I recently acquired a gas bottle stove with a 4 inch flue collar but no flue pipe. I bought a length of 4 inch pipe but it won't fit the collar on either the male or female end as the diameters of pipe and collar are too similar. My problem is that five inch pipe will be too big and four inch...
  6. treadlightly

    Looking for a stove

    As the title says, I'm looking for a woodburner/multifuel stove. Specifically it must have a flue exit at the back, be reasonably compact, portable (initially I need to carry it half a mile) and have a cooking plate. Any suggestions please? Or does someone have one that fits the bill that they...
  7. treadlightly

    tent light

    I plan to spend a fair time under canvas over the coming weeks and with the nights drawing in I'm considering what would be the best light to use. It is a big space to light so I'm thinking beyond the standard led camping lantern to something which can put out a brighter light with minimum...
  8. treadlightly

    Attn Bilmo

    Your PM inbox is full mate.....
  9. treadlightly

    Stove flue rain hats

    Now we all know you can buy rain hats for whatever stove flue pipe you use. But these are costly and there is surely a home made alternative. So show us (or describe to us) your rain hats. My mind won't go beyond a simple tin can, some tent pegs and a few holes but I'm sure there are other and...
  10. treadlightly

    What did this?

    Anyone any idea who is responsible for this? I thought woodpecker but it is no more than 5 feet off the ground. The tree is cherry.
  11. treadlightly

    ground stove

    Stumbled across this today Looks interesting. Anyone tried it?
  12. treadlightly

    Protecting wool

    Like many others on here, I love my wool clothing. One of its drawbacks however is the difficulty of protecting it from moths. So I thought it would be useful if we all shared tips for keeping our wool protected from the hungry little beasties. To kick things off, I tend to keep all my stuff...
  13. treadlightly

    RM Williams wax cotton waistcoat/gilet

    As the title says, a wax cotton gilet by Aussie manufacturer RM Williams. Colour: brown. This is in excellent condition but has to go in my New Year kit revamp as it isn't getting worn. It has a ykk zip and studded storm flap over, two buckle wait adjusters at each side, two front flapped and...
  14. treadlightly

    Predicting our weather

    Cast your minds back to November....the air was thick with doom and gloom predictions of a harsh winter. Long range forecasters were saying that meteorological conditions pointed to one of the severest winters in decades, the newspapers picked up on it and there were mutterings on here about...
  15. treadlightly

    Snowman new and old

    I've just watched the Snowman and then the Snowman and the Snow Dog. So, just for some festive fun, which do you prefer?
  16. treadlightly

    Basic carving tools

    I fancy having a go at wood carving, just rudimentary small scale stuff for my own amusement. My question is, what basic tools do I need to get me started? Thanks.
  17. treadlightly

    Tweed Shooting Jacket

    A lovely quality British-made tweed shooting jacket, by Isaac Waltons of Newcastle. In superb condition with no holes or signs of wear. This is a heavy duty jacket, made from thick, tough tweed with a cotton lining. It weighs over 1.7kg. Three buttoned front, with a button fastening at the...
  18. treadlightly

    Swanndri wool jacket

    This is an old school, made in New Zealand Swanndri wool zipped jacket in grey. Simple design, a straightforward zipped front with two generous sized open slash front pockets. No lining. Heavy duty brass zip and bottom drawcord with brass adjusters. Discreet Swanndri logo on chest...
  19. treadlightly

    Rohan Pampas Jacket

    For sale is an old school Rohan Pampas jacket in sage green. Made of Rohan's 'airlight' 50/50 cotton/polyester fabric which makes up the green outer shell and grey lining. The jacket has two zipped waist level pockets, a zipped chest map pocket accessible without unzipping the jacket and an...
  20. treadlightly

    Swedish Army Wool Trousers

    I am pruning my winter kit and these have to go. A pair of heavyweight Swedish Army Wool trousers. These have a high reputation as being tough, warm and highly weather resistant. Strictly for winter, they weigh in at around 1.1kg. The wool is thick but soft with a great nap. These do not have...