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  1. mikehill

    Legal edc bushcraft knife ?

    Hi all, I have a TBS Boar which is great but I was wondering what other options with a scandi grind are available ?
  2. mikehill

    Sold GB Wildlife Hatchet

    Well used but loads of life left in her. £45 posted. BT or PayPal +4%.
  3. mikehill

    Sold Doug Ritter Mini Griptilian

    Fantastic conditon and boxed. Just £109 posted U.K. only. BT or Paypal + 4% for protection.
  4. mikehill

    Sold Large Sebenza 25 micarta

    SPF. Beautiful knife in fantastic condition. Comes boxed with all the stuff pictured apart from lanyard. Cost £575 new and just £290 here. Includes Special Delivery UK only. BT or PayPal + 4% for protection.
  5. mikehill

    Sold Mark Jacob bushie

    I have too many knives to use so am thinning the collection. Lovely knife with light pitting which may polish out. Handle was fitted by Stew. Just £75 delivered U.K. only thanks
  6. mikehill

    Wanted Spydie Mule in S110V

    Good condition + please
  7. mikehill

    Blasted horse flies

    Is it just me ? Got bitten 2 weeks ago and a big reaction. Large swelling covering whole forearm. Went to pharmacy and he sent me to walk in centre. Antibiotics cleared it a week later Three days ago it happened, this time other forearm, bicep and shoulder ! Got sent to A & E and got IV...
  8. mikehill

    Little knife slip

    Got up at 5 and was bored so made another little slipjoint pouch ..
  9. mikehill

    Sold Hawke Frontier EDX binoculars

    Absolutely as new condition and boxed with all accessories that came with them. Only 6 months old. Cost £369 and will sell at £200 for a quick sale including postage. BT or PayPal + 4%. No offers please as this is a total bargain. Heres a link to where I bought them...
  10. mikehill

    Sold 4 woodworking books

    4 Woodworking Books. Expensive quality books hard to find. Condition is very good/excellent. Dispatched by Hermes. Sorry about posting cost but these weigh 3.5 kg ! £25 + £7.99 postage U.K. only. Setting up shop - Sander Nagyszalanczy The Workbench Book - Scott Landis Woodworking With...
  11. mikehill

    For Sale 2 books for sale

    May be of interest to some ? Mountaincraft and Leadership - Eric Langmuir Complete guide to rope techniques- Nigel Shepherd Both in excellent condition. £15 delivered U.K. only.
  12. mikehill

    Wanted R/H spoon carving knife

    Anyone got one they don’t use ? Was looking at a RW one but it comes to something like £47 delivered !
  13. mikehill

    Best quality camo fleece jacket

    i fancy a really good one for cold mornings. Where do you get the best ones from ?
  14. mikehill

    Best quality camo fleece jacket

    i fancy a really good one for cold mornings. Where do you get the best ones from ?
  15. mikehill

    Sold Gamo Compact air pistol

    Superb .177 R/H 10M pistol in great condition. Will throw in a cheap case that does the job. £79 delivered or £75 collected from Wigan area.
  16. mikehill

    For Sale Bushbox kit

    NOW TRADED Steel model, brand new and never used with extra top plate and quality pouch. £28 delivered U.K. only
  17. mikehill

    Bushbox grill plate ?

    Anyone got one of these ? I ordered a stainless bushbox and a grill plate recently but they don’t seem to fit each other If you have one could you compare it to my pics and enlighten me ? I emailed them but they are on holiday.
  18. mikehill

    While in the woods today ...

    I had lunch here Then on the way out saw this
  19. mikehill

    Sold Sony DSC-W830 compact camera

    Camera is in fantastic condition with 2 genuine batteries, charger and Sony carry case. No marks on lens or screen. Perfect working order and only selling as I’m upgrading for Xmas. Will include a 2gb card that gives 231 pics. Just £29 delivered UK only !
  20. mikehill

    Wanted Bushbox Ti

    please message with details