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  1. RE8ELD0G

    Another Peak District trek and Camp

    So yesterday me and Jonbodthethird headed once again to the lovely peak district for a nice little walk and overnight camp. Started off parking near Upper Booth and paying the sweet sum of £5 to a local camp site to allow us to park for the night. Also allowed us to use the onsite toilet and...
  2. RE8ELD0G

    Artic kit questions.

    So in start to my planning for an Artic trip to Norway/Sweden I am starting this thread to ask kit questions. First 2. Mitts..... Will brit army fur linners in the goretex outers do for these sort of temps? If not then pls tell me some others that would work. Mukluks. Canadian army mukluks...
  3. RE8ELD0G

    New kit day

    So after years of wanting. And a month of waiting yesterday was finally new kit day. Full warbonnet setup. Ridgerunner hammock Spindrift sock SuperFly tarp 13ft custom 40°f mamba tq 40°f lynx uq 0°f mamba tq 0°f lynx uq Hammock hang time hook. Plus Jonbodthethirds blackbird xlc, winter top...
  4. RE8ELD0G

    Wanted Tbs boar knife.

    Hey all I'm looking for a TBS boar knife. Especially a special edition in stabilised Chestnut If not then one with the stainless steel with Turkish walnut. Preferably with the multi carry sheath And dc4 + firesteel. Let me know what you got. Thanks. Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  5. RE8ELD0G

    Back again

    Hello all. I'm back again after a few years away doing other things. So glad to be back to camping and outdoors pursuits. Had my first woodland camp last week in 18 months. And then yesterday went to the Peak District for the first time in 20+ years. Had an awesome walk to Three Shires Head with...
  6. RE8ELD0G


    Just had bad experience with OutdoorGB. Hit the buy button last week for a Maxpedition Sabrecat bag, showed in stock and paid the extra for a quicker delivery (1-5days) So day 8 come and goes with no parcel. A call to there 0845 customer services number and get told.......You must have been...
  7. RE8ELD0G

    What's in your christmas haul??

    So what did you all get today?? I got a Soto xt lighter 2x3 dpm tarp. Dutch hooped bivi which was a replacement for the one i swapped for my Yew Longbow and arrows, also a xmas pressie. A kelly kettle trekker A woodgas stove. So not a bad lot for me.
  8. RE8ELD0G

    UKMCpro 3x2 tarp review Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  9. RE8ELD0G

    A quick walk round of my bike.

    Hey guys Just gonna put this video up of my motorbike that I use to get into the woods for my camping trips.
  10. RE8ELD0G

    Wisport Reindeer 75L bergen in Multicam

    Due to upgrading im now selling my awesome Wisport 75L bergen. Its in excellent condition and all complete. Multicam colour. £95 delivered ono Blurb from Wisport. Capacity: 75L 1 main compartment with two separate chambers 2 zip lid pockets 2 side pockets with elastic drawstrings 2...
  11. RE8ELD0G

    Norway Jan 2016

    Ok im getting this in early as i have a long way to go before i get all the kit needed for this trip. This is the kit list i have come up with after many hours of thread searching and googling. Please let me know if i have missed anything or any changes that you think i should make...
  12. RE8ELD0G

    Lowa gtx Combat boots well worn size 9.5

    Lowa combat boots with goretex lining. Sized 9.5 The soles have worn flat and will need replaced. No insoles as i use sorbothanes inserts. The goretex lining is still in great condition and they are still 100% waterproof. Extremely comfy boots Selling due to needing a bigger size to fit...
  13. RE8ELD0G

    Msr sweetwater filter kit

    Hey folks im selling my msr sweetwater kit due to it having some cracks in the filter cartridge. The pump section is brand new from MSR as the old one snapped about a month ago. It come as a complete kit with: Pump Filter cartridge (cracked ceramic inside.) Intake and output pipes with...
  14. RE8ELD0G

    Watch "water filtration and collection kit" on YouTube

    Hey guys please feel free to watch my channel. I'm new to the video malarkey so please bear with me. More videos will be coming soon. Thanks MSR dromedary bag and sweetwater filter water collection.
  15. RE8ELD0G

    DD 4X4 tarp

    Old tarp is now leaking along the ridge and the upcoming wet weather has me looking for a new tarp. If you have an 4x4 tarp for sale let me know.
  16. RE8ELD0G

    Help me with job ideas.

    Im wanting to get a job in a forest environment or country park. What sort of jobs would you folk recommended. Any courses I should try and get on like chainsaw handling??
  17. RE8ELD0G

    Hobo hand fishing reels

    Hey all. I'm trying to raise funds to get my motorbike back on the road so I can get out more this year. I'm trading out some kit with a friend who is making me 8 of these in lew of payment. They will be appx 7" long by 2" diameter with the brass screw on bottom and space for floats etc in the...
  18. RE8ELD0G

    Lowa re-sole

    Finally managed to buy a pair of Berghaus yeti gaiters but they are so tight fitting they scrunch the sole up on my Jack pike hunter boots. So i tried them on my Lowa gtx combat boots are they fit perfect, problem now is they are so well worn there is no tread left. Can anyone tell me where...
  19. RE8ELD0G

    DIY Down Underquilt

    So today i have made a start on my underquilt. I got the design planned out, nothing too special as its my first attempt and dont want to try the intricacies of curved baffles etc yet. I am having 4" baffles at the top and 2" at the foot end to save some unnecessary weight. So far i have...
  20. RE8ELD0G

    Down hats

    Been having a play with the thread injector ready for when all the kit turns up for my down underquilt project. Decided to try and design a russian style down hat. I had to learn how to do darts and also realised I had made a few big mistakes but this is only a prototype. Biggest mistake was...