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  1. Erbswurst

    Vango Nevis 100 Tent ?

    In the first view the Vango Nevis 100 looks like a copy of the Hilleberg Akto, one of the best 1 man tents in the world. If the Vango quality is generally good, what I don't know because they are rare in Germany, that would be a very interesting option in my opinion. Did anybody already try...
  2. Erbswurst

    British Army Mesh Bag?

    I have seen that a German military surplus shop offers original British army mesh bags. They are green, have a draw string closure and the dimensions 38 x 16 cm or 26 x 13 cm Are they for onions and garlic or what is the intended use?
  3. Erbswurst

    MOLLE Pouch for Mess Kit?

    I think about buying a British or Dutch army mess kit. Does anybody know a MOLLE pouch that fits well to one of them?
  4. Erbswurst


    Which bushcraft relevant products are still made in Scandinavic countries? I mean the production, not a headquarter and design office that orders equipment that is in fact made somewhere else. I think we should count in here Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe islands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and...
  5. Erbswurst

    Using Smartphone for messaging issue

    I write exclusively at a smartphone with automatic orthographic correction. The phone makes from a typing mistake often a real mistake by replacing the wrong written word with a totally different one. I have the impression that this also happens in the posting process. I mean I don't see a...
  6. Erbswurst

    Security Rubber Boots ?

    Does anybody know high quality safety rubber boots that last a bit longer than the usual ones? I look for a well insulating sole, safety sole, steel or perhaps similar plastic cap and something like a hiking boot profile. I want to use the boots for farm and garden.
  7. Erbswurst

    Who already really needed his First Aid Kit?

    I would be interested to learn who really needed his first aid kit when camping, hiking and using bushcraft tools. I don't want to talk here about, that it is surely sensible to carry such a kit for expeditions to the end of the world, and I am not interested to read who managed to hurt himself...
  8. Erbswurst

    Trusty Polish Surplus Shops?

    Please tell me in your opinion trusty Polish military surplus shops who run an internet shop. Does somebody sell factory new Polish army equipment to civil clients too? Which are the best sources for the Polish army tents, especially if we search for the largest version with 3 grommets ? Are...
  9. Erbswurst

    How to repair a British army bivvy bag?

    When I bought my first bivvy bags, I didn't care so much about that they had been repaired just roughly. The material was thousand times better than my old cotton tent sheets or rubberised ponchos and they had been pretty cheap anyway. But now I ask myself how to repair them professionally...
  10. Erbswurst

    Factory New NATO Equipment?

    Due to the Corona virus crises I digged out during the last couple of month my old stuff, looked through it and cleaned it. And I found so incredibly much just by aging degraded civil equipment, that I currently tend to buy as good as nothing new anymore that isn't made according to NATO...
  11. Erbswurst

    Closed cell foam sleep mat for winter use?

    I think about buying a closed cell foam mat for really cold winter conditions. It should work well together with a Snugpak Special Forces complete sleeping bag system and some warm underwear or padded clothing at -20 *C or better -25 *C, because such temperatures we have to count in around...
  12. Erbswurst

    How long did your trousers last?

    I am interested to learn about, how many days of use (approximately) which trousers model of which outdoor brand lasts in a usual mix of outdoor use and every day wearing. Of course I am interested too if you wear military surplus or working trousers. Please tell us about the material of the...
  13. Erbswurst

    Freezing with the Skin on to Metal?

    I noticed that Scandinavian knives usually have a tang that is hidden in the handle. And it seems to me that Scandinavian armies do not issue metal mugs or cups, and also the British army water bottle is issued with a plastic mug. That's obviously because there is a realistic risk to freeze...
  14. Erbswurst

    750 ml Lixada Bush Pot stainless steel for 15 €

    No reason to cook in a tin:
  15. Erbswurst

    Saw Blade in Survival Belt?

    In a video I have seen Mors Kochanski mentioned the idea to put a saw blade into a survival belt. What do you think how this could be done? Did belts like this already exist? Does somebody currently produce them? Which blades are flexible enough to use them like this? How should the belt be...
  16. Erbswurst

    Reversible Equipment?

    I like the idea of reversible clothing, tarps, rucksack covers, insulation mats et cetera. It's not only that different sides blend better in different surroundings, like desert and forest or forest and snow, there are also offers which combine olive green with signal orange, or civil black...
  17. Erbswurst

    Defcon 5 poncho liner?

    I currently think about how to upgrade my equipment for exceptional cold weather. Exeptional cold can mean in eastern Germany -25*C. That doesn't happen every year but it can happen. My Snugpak Special Forces 2 bag sleep system goes until -20*C as lowest recommendation. There are missing 5*C...
  18. Erbswurst

    Full Tang in Nalgene Bottle?

    Which full tang knifes fit with sheath 100% vertically into a Nalgene stainless steel bottle? Inside it is 197 mm high. (The idea behind is of course to build a survival kit around it.)
  19. Erbswurst

    1800 ml Bushpot - Which Pouch?

    I decided to buy a 64 oz / 1800 ml Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bushpot. In which civil or military pouches does it...
  20. Erbswurst

    Crown at 4 o'clock ?

    I used for a decade a cheap wrist watch that was looking pretty similar to a Rolex Submariner. Now I need to replace it somehow and slowly start to think about the options which are out there. Of course it should be waterproof and shockproof, if possible it should have a steel bracelet or a...