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  1. oldtimer

    Warning Blandford Fly time.

    Our GP has just posted her annual warning about this pest. I was stung three or four years ago and still have an area of damaged skin as a result, so I pass on her warning as I do each year. The Blandford Fly is prevalent in areas with water nearby, especially the banks of rivers. The females...
  2. oldtimer

    Mice in the Campervan and flat batteries - a connection?

    Lack of use over Covid lockdowns has resulted in flat batteries in the campervan. I successfully trickle charged the main battery a few times but it only held a charge for a few days at a time. Last week, when I left the van at our friendly local garage overnight so they could make an early...
  3. oldtimer

    What are you buying yourself for Christmas?

    I'm not supposed to know, but the one small item of kit I want has already been ordered by Madame after my comments when British Red ran his post on mini-flashlights. I also struck lucky recently in a competition run by Warrensmith on another place. So, there is nothing I can treat myself to in...
  4. oldtimer

    "Private" Message to Seithennin and Syd

    Happy birthday to us. May you both continue to bushcraft happily at least as long as me!
  5. oldtimer

    Japanese knife expertise sought

    This knife was a present from my wife in 1963. She bought it in a Brighton antique shop. It is a beautiful object but I know very little about it. Knowing the range of expertise here, I would welcome any information. It is not for sale, but an estimate of its value would be of interest.Apologies...
  6. oldtimer

    How do you clean your swiss army knife?

    I have carried a swiss army knife in my pocket since I was a little boy. Although I would always use the right knife for the job by choice, and my choice would never be a folder. because of our irritating knife laws the SAK is the one that is always at hand and so gets the most use. The main...
  7. oldtimer

    Using seed from this year's harvest for next year's crop?

    I've managed to get a good crop of potatoes this year from seed potatoes I saved from last year's crop. I've also nurtured plants that grew from potatoes I clearly missed from harvesting last year and they have rewarded me with a decent crop. I also planted some chitted potatoes from bought food...
  8. oldtimer

    VE Day

    Celebration wise, bit of a damp squib compared to the original which I remember vaguely being only three and a half at the time. However, being one of the cohort of children whose fathers were away at the war, it is touching to see our parents' generation being remembered with respect. Let's...
  9. oldtimer

    80th Birthday celebration suggestions, please. Update.

    Now, if we did have a thread for the old, this could be posted there. However.... In one month's time, Madame will be 80 years old. I started thinking about some sort of celebration back in January as we usually mark the decades with something more than the usual family meal and birthday cake...
  10. oldtimer

    Blandford Fly

    Warning ! The Blandford Fly has made its presence felt in our Oxfordshire village already this year, slightly earlier than usual. It is a small, black fly which lives near rivers in the South of England. The female takes a good slug of human blood prior to flying off to seek a mate for the...
  11. oldtimer

    Death to Dandelions. The upside of staying put.

    Another thread discussing raised beds interested me greatly. This year, although not really a keen gardener, I'm following the Homestead thread with heightened interest. OK, I know dandelions are a valuable resource but it is possible to have too much of good thing. If anyone wants dandelions...
  12. oldtimer

    All dressed up and nowhere to go!

    As is usual at this time of year, my travelling kit is all ready to go. Camper van serviced and MOT ed, rucksack contents checked, date sensitive items replaced, prescription medications up to date, documentation done, waterproofs waterproofed, boots, socks and undies cleaned. Medical checks...
  13. oldtimer


    Just realised this will be my 2000th post. It's taken me nearly 15 years. I think I've grown into my nom de guerre but I don't feel any older: just still old.
  14. oldtimer

    Site not secure message?

    When I use my Kindle Fire, it won't connect me to the site on the grounds it is not secure and someone may be trying to steal information. This affects only the Bushcraft site. I have tries clearing cookies and attempting to log on again but to no avail. No other of my bookmarks seem to be...
  15. oldtimer

    Do it NOW!!!!

    I'm not often given to offering unsought advice and even less prone to advising those younger than me ( which is now the majority of humanity). After a working lifetime as a professional educator of students and pupils ranging from 6 to sixty years of age, I reckon I've learned more from them...
  16. oldtimer

    Ladies' trouser advice sought

    As she knows what a fund of collective wisdom exists on this site, I have been delegated to seek advice on winter/cold weather trousers to fit small wife! She doesn't like wearing longjohns or overtrousers which would be my solution. Criteria:- To fit size 8 or children's size to fit 80 year...
  17. oldtimer

    What next- locusts?

    We've nearly finished dealing with the plague of clothes moths, only the rugs and carpets to be done, but now we have mice. They seem to be carrying a super-intelligence gene as they have developed a strategy for getting peanut butter off the traps without tripping them. So far I've only caught...
  18. oldtimer

    Clothes Moth Alert

    On checking over our winter woolies last week SWMBO was dismayed to find that many of her hand-knitted and other pure wool garments were riddled with clothes moths and were full of holes. Such as could be repaired have been and the rest disposed of, including the first sweater she ever knitted...
  19. oldtimer

    Celestron scope gorilla pod

    My birthday is coming up and the family are asking what I want. I'm thinking of asking for a gorilla pod to go with the Celestron scope they bought me last year. Is this a good idea? If so, what model should I go for? Up till now I have been using the tripod stand that came with it (too low)...
  20. oldtimer

    The last word?

    I hope I haven't killed off the Word Association Game. Nobody has posted since me last Monday. I'm just assuming that regulars are busy with the Moot but SWMBO cannot bear the thought of me having the last word!