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  1. Steve27752

    The 2018 collection

    Very well done on your weight loss John, your body will thank you.
  2. Steve27752

    Modified polish lavvu tent

    A great job.
  3. Steve27752

    Woodlore knife

    They are posted occasionally, but you have too be quick!
  4. Steve27752

    Woodlore knife

    Go for a Jacklore, made by Sandy Jack
  5. Steve27752

    Comfort food choice for snow/icey weather

    Ham, egg and chips.
  6. Steve27752

    Wow, this is nice

    I'm in and I like it............I think.
  7. Steve27752

    Red or Brown Sauce?

    Hp, I cannot stomach Tomato Ketchup.
  8. Steve27752

    New Ray Mears series Tonight

    I think you will enjoy it.
  9. Steve27752

    New Ray Mears series Tonight

    I was in Reading last night to see RM on stage, I thought thought it was the best one of this type of show that he has done. No spoilers, all I will say is back to basics and the new programme are featured.
  10. Steve27752

    Help.What is this

    It's a ujimmyflip thingamajig!
  11. Steve27752

    Dave Budd knife course - review

    Well done, a really good looking knife.
  12. Steve27752

    Photobucket impact and alternatives

    I am now using Imgur.
  13. Steve27752

    If you could only take one of your items you already own?

    My Jacklore Classic knife.
  14. Steve27752

    Kirtley or O'Leary?

    Another vote for Paul Kirtley.
  15. Steve27752

    Best wrap for an axe handle?

    I believe the rubber goes over the top of the para cord, holding it in place.
  16. Steve27752

    Bushcraft Boots

    HM Supplies in Camberley stocks them.
  17. Steve27752

    Happy new year!

    I would like to wish you and your families a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  18. Steve27752

    Rubiks Cube help!

    Buy a new one.
  19. Steve27752

    Windows 10 - Thoughts?

    I bought a MAC and I could not be happier.