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    Merry Christmas!

    And a happy new year to all you good folks! I'll be back with you all in 2018. Dave
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    Rougue Male - Geoffrey Household

    Is on Radio 4 Extra, on i-player at the moment. Dave
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    Carpenter's Gimlets.

    Hello Folks, I recently picked up a couple of vintage carpenter's gimlets at a boot sale. They are reasonably sharp for their age, but does anyone on here have any idea how to sharpen them when the time comes? Cheers, Dave
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    Ben Fogle's New Lives.

    On Chanel 5 on Monday at 9 pm. This week was a woman living alone in the outback on her dead husbands retreat. Next week is a guy living in Colorado (I think) using lots of primitive skills. Might be a decent watch. Dave
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    Heads up -"The utopia experiment" now on Radio 4 Extra
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    A little challenge, just for fun!

    Well, I'm at work and a trifle bored, so my thought start wandering a bit - well, lots actually. On my desk I have a tin of travel sweets, nearly all gone. The tin is just under 4 inches in diameter and an inch and a half deep (100mm x 38mm for the youngsters amongst us) The challenge is...
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    A none-too scientific observation.

    Hi Folks, So, Sunday morning I set out to cut some green branches down to stove size, so they can season ready for use. Not huge stuff, sort of arm and leg diameter. I happened to have 2 brand new 24 inch bowsaw blades to hand, one a raker tooth, the other a peg tooth, both bahco brand. So I...
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    Is it me?

    Or are the blackberries unusually early this year? There are already plenty ripe on the brambles in this part of the country. Dave
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    Monty Don's Real Crafts

    A new series on More 4 tonight at 9pm. Looks a lot like the Mastercrafts series he did previously on BBC2. Could be good. Dave
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    Heads up - Rogue Male on Radio 4 Extra

    Just listening to this at present. Quite enjoyable. Dave
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    Heads-up, Fiskars pruning saw.

    Polhill garden centres are doing this Fiskars pruning saw for £4.99. I got one at the weekend, but haven't tried it yet. No connection etc etc. Dave
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    Anybody got any sign of them yet? In one of my local woods "Waresley" in Cambridgeshire, we've got wood anemone, primrose, cowslip and marsh marigold, but no sign at all of the bluebells which are usually starting to show by now. Dave
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    It's a grand time of year!

    Having finally got all my firewood cut and stacked ready for the winter, I decided to spned yesterday (sunday) in the kitchen getting some goodies on the go for the winter. First thing was to walk the dog, taking the opportunity to pick some of the lovely plump rose hips from the hedge as I...
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    A cry/whimper for help.

    As you probably know if you've been on here for long I drive a Landy Defender as my day to day vehicle. I bought it second (?) hand off e-bay. Sometime in it's life it has been fitted with an immobiliser called "The Immobiliser". This thing comprises a slot mounted in the vehicle and a loose key...
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    Mors on youtube.

    Hi All. I just found this channel on youtube, the great man himself! Enjoy! Dave
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    Wellie woes!

    Hi Folks, I don't seem to have a lot of luck with wellington boots. I've had both Garland and Le Chameux wellis, but I can't seem to get more than 2 or 3 years of moderate use (shooting, beating and dog walking) out of them before they sort of perish and split. Now, these things ain't cheap, so...
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    Scott Polar Institute - Cambridge.

    A quick heads up following my visit at the weekend... The Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge has currently got an exhibition about Roald Amundsen, detailing his life and expeditions, with exhibits including his clothing, personal knife, snow shoes etc etc. This is on alongside the...
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    Pattern 58 Osprey Bottle spares.

    Hi All. I just had the little retaining strap that holds the lid to the Osprey bottle break on one of my bottles, to be fair it was bouncing about in the back of the landy for a few days. Anyone know if they are available as a spare and if so where from? Thanks in anticipation, Dave
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    Keastrel or something else?

    I thought I knew a bit about kestrels and their behavior, there's always been plenty around where I've been, including a particular nesting site used over and over for years near where I used to live. So I've spent a fair bit of time watching them. Now, last night I was walking the dog when I...
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    OK, I've been checking out Dave Canterbury's you-tube videos and have found some references to "bankline". I've never heard of the stuff and was wondering if anybody on here knew of it? I think it may be a braided fishing line of some sort but I have been wrong before so would like...