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  1. mikehill

    Missing a trick with belts?

    Been wearing one of these every single day for three years and it is still as good as new. Been through the washing machine countless times too ! £12.95
  2. mikehill

    Legal edc bushcraft knife ?

    Clip now removed ;-)
  3. mikehill

    Legal edc bushcraft knife ?

    Forgot about this thread. I just picked this up from a friend :)
  4. mikehill

    Sold Stanley no. 78 plane

    That’s a great bargain !
  5. mikehill

    Looking for sheath maker recommendations

    Custom ? If so look at Ian Atkinson’s stuff
  6. mikehill

    Hand made knife - recommendations please?

    Here you go I can highly recommend Rob as I’ve had one but there are others in the Makers Market on here such as Stew etc..
  7. mikehill

    Hand made knife - recommendations please?

    He’s on here, robevs73 I think, and YouTube
  8. mikehill

    Hand made knife - recommendations please?

    Rob Evans makes great ones !
  9. mikehill

    My first experience sharpening

    Diamond sharpeners are good for the tougher steels. My S110v UKPK won’t be sharpened on anything else. It would take hours on a ceramic.
  10. mikehill

    For Sale Fallkniven NL5

    iPhones ! IDUN
  11. mikehill

    For Sale Fallkniven NL5

    I’d be interested in a Odin only price too
  12. mikehill

    SWC model lineup? Anyone have photos?

    Try asking on EdgeMatters too
  13. mikehill

    The "What is this bug?" thread

    ] Thanks, I found out of a Chems supplier, got the right pesticide and sorted them. Fingers crossed, the hedge has survived.
  14. mikehill

    First time at handling/fitting scales to a knife.....

    Never sell your first ;-) Everyone should have a go at it, it’s surprising how few tools are needed.
  15. mikehill

    First time at handling/fitting scales to a knife.....

    Great job you did :-) Here’s on I did ooohh, must be fifteen years ago maybe. Blade is by J. Neilson, Forged In Fire judge. I fitted the Desert Ironwood with stainless Corby bolts. The DI has gone really dark over the years. One I’ll never sell ;-)
  16. mikehill


    Apparently k&t are shipping again, ring them to check though
  17. mikehill

    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    Seems they made a mistake .. again
  18. mikehill

    Hills + radio = fun!

    Well the UV5R arrived so I had a listen around my area on 2 and 70. Very glad to report a fair bit of activity and in the two days I’ve been on I’ve heard no swearing or non licensed idiots at all. What a change a couple of years has made. Now I just need to find a nice 706MK2G !
  19. mikehill

    Wet and dry paper for scandi grind sharpening

    Thanks for that, I’ll get some tomorrow as it saves me using stinky spray adhesive !
  20. mikehill

    Hills + radio = fun!

    And if you want to listen to hf to get an idea what it’s about try here