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  1. Erbswurst

    Landowners Official Permission

    I think it is important to choose a good place for a camp first. I would search in the hiking map for a good place, if possible with wellspring for drinking water, a medow to camp on in a corner of two hedges and a wood in approximately 100 m distance for gathering fire wood. Wind protection...
  2. Erbswurst

    New Guy

    Hi and welcome!
  3. Erbswurst

    Snugpak Ionosphere

    I don't need to buy it to see that it will rain into the entrance. I recommend to have a closer look here:
  4. Erbswurst

    Large medium weight British army modular sleeping system size?

    If I put my Snugpak Special Forces complete system (two sleeping bags) without compression bag and any stress into my rucksack, it has approximately 50 to 60 litres. My padded German army suit for extreme cold weather has approximately the volume of a civil 3 seasons sleeping bag. If you would...
  5. Erbswurst

    Large medium weight British army modular sleeping system size?

    As far as I am informed, he dropped his lighter into the main compartment, entered the rucksack to search for it, and did not yet find the exit.
  6. Erbswurst

    Hi. I'm a beginner.

    Hallo from Berlin and Welcome to the campfire!
  7. Erbswurst

    Everyone that's getting messages from me!

    Thank you for the kind words!
  8. Erbswurst

    Aloha from Wirral

  9. Erbswurst

    Old self-inflating mats starting to fail. Is it inevitable?

    Unless you buy real military material or civil high end products, 10 to 15 years is already over aged. Waterproofs fall in pieces, tents, tarps, boots and modern airmats too. Most civil equipment isn't made to last.
  10. Erbswurst

    Shelter building

    OK, @Nathan-and-delvok I will stop here to tell you what I recommend you to bring to such a shelter, as I indeed didn't respect the rules of this entertainment programme here. If you are interested in my thoughts and experiences just drop me a personal message. And I will tell you what's needed...
  11. Erbswurst

    Shelter building

    Different to most others I lived many years out of the rucksack. And I didn't do it with the stuff I just found somewhere but had been fortunately free to invest as much money as needed to try out what works the best. It doesn't interest me if people who sit in a well heated room get boared by...
  12. Erbswurst

    Shelter building

    For the mug and nesting bottle the best low budget option is this Lixada stainless steel 750ml mug with bail and butterfly handles. You can hang it also under a tripod to purify water by boiling and to make a tea or instant coffee. You drink directly from it, it is your kettle and your cup...
  13. Erbswurst

    Shelter building

    This pot is surely the best option for you. It can be used on the work shop oven, every usual stove in every hostel or wherever, and every sort of camping stove, you can hang it under a tripod over a wood fire and even bake bread in it. It is large enough to wash your socks and underwear in it...
  14. Erbswurst

    Shelter building

    Dutch army Saracen rucksack 120 litres. The guy in the video is relatively small. On an average or tall person that rucksack doesn't look so huge, but anyway, if fully loaded it becomes pretty heavy. But it is the right size if you want to haul your complete belongings, including summer and...
  15. Erbswurst

    Shelter building
  16. Erbswurst

    Midsole Midlife Crisis

    Properly made boots aren't expensive. There is no reason to buy rubbish.
  17. Erbswurst


    @henchy3rd Did you already get one or don't you look in here whith the first coffee?
  18. Erbswurst

    Mice in the Campervan and flat batteries - a connection?

    What do you expect if you kidnap a French mouse? Of course she calls home every night!
  19. Erbswurst


    Heads up! Currently 5 pieces left.