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  1. Jackroadkill

    Carbon footprint of a paraffin lamp versus a battery lantern

    I've been thinking about using a paraffin lamp for use in my camp but I'm not sure whether or not to go for it. Obviously, a paraffin lamp is by far the nicest way to illuminate the place but the carbon footprint must be quite high. This got me to thinking - which has the higher carbon...
  2. Jackroadkill

    WW2 axe discovery

    Hi all, I made an interesting find yesterday, with a bit of history behind it. About 18 months ago my Nana (Captain Eileen Carter TA MBE) died, and since then her widower, Jim had been talking about moving back to London to be with his daughters. Jim is 96 and was a sergeant pilot during WW2...
  3. Jackroadkill

    Elwell axe head restoration

    I found the remains of an old axe in a hedge and, being a don't-throw-it-away-if-it-can-be-fixed kind of chap (especially where really good quality old tools are concerned) I decided to see if I could breathe a bit of life into the old girl. This is what she looked like when I brought her in...
  4. Jackroadkill

    One man tent advice

    Hi all, this is probably a divvy question that's been asked a million times (I have done a bit of a search but didn't find much) - what are your recommendations for a basic-yet-reliable one (or maybe two) man tent, suitable for a beginner? As always, any advice or recommendations you can give...
  5. Jackroadkill

    My first knife

    I thought that some of you guys might be interested to see this knife that I've made. It's taken me a while (probably 20-odd hours over a period of eight months or so). The design is one of my own, and it's a small bushcraft knife with a Scandinavian grind. I used O1 tool steel for the...
  6. Jackroadkill

    Viper Tank / John Arizona Bushman Saguaro

    Hi all, I know that "What's the best [insert item here]?" threads are ridiculous, so I'll keep it brief. I'm just after anyone's experiences with either of the above knives. I'm mostly interested in things like how hard-wearing, how they sharpen, plus-points / minus-points etc rather than...
  7. Jackroadkill

    First go at making firesteels

    I've been making some firesteel handles recently out of some odds and sods I've got lying around. Some are ash, some hazel. The square handled ones are sapele and rosewood. I've varnished the handles for a bit of hardiness. Any comments welcome.
  8. Jackroadkill

    Hello from the Welsh hills

    Hi, I found this forum by chance, and was impressed with the content and thought that it seemed a friendly and welcoming community. I'm new-ish to bushcraft but I've had some experience of forums (I moderate an air rifle forum). The place I live is deep in the Welsh hills and ideal for...