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  1. oldtimer

    New Job

    Good luck in your new challenge.
  2. oldtimer

    RPG - the type of game not weapon

    My son would agree with this. His work sometimes involved joint planning with senior military personnel from different major powers. He was much respected for his grasp of military strategy despite never having been in the armed forces. One of his most successful strategic plans was based on his...
  3. oldtimer

    RPG - the type of game not weapon

    My elder son, now 53, was addicted to D&D in his early teens. He went on to get an MA in Medieval Studies and eventually became director of strategy for one of the largest international charities.
  4. oldtimer

    Word association game

  5. oldtimer

    Word association game

  6. oldtimer

    A really weird tip for sharpening scissors that worked for me

    Is there a similar technique or gadget that works on garden shears?
  7. oldtimer

    Warning Blandford Fly time.

    Our GP has just posted her annual warning about this pest. I was stung three or four years ago and still have an area of damaged skin as a result, so I pass on her warning as I do each year. The Blandford Fly is prevalent in areas with water nearby, especially the banks of rivers. The females...
  8. oldtimer

    Killing the fire

    I read once that the sign of a competent outdoors man is not the ability to light a campfire but the ability to put it out safely.
  9. oldtimer

    Word association game

  10. oldtimer

    Word association game

  11. oldtimer

    Bristol Fasion

    I suggest looking at Jamaican cuisine which has a long tradition in Bristol.
  12. oldtimer

    Word association game

  13. oldtimer

    Mice in the Campervan and flat batteries - a connection?

    Lack of use over Covid lockdowns has resulted in flat batteries in the campervan. I successfully trickle charged the main battery a few times but it only held a charge for a few days at a time. Last week, when I left the van at our friendly local garage overnight so they could make an early...
  14. oldtimer

    Word association game

  15. oldtimer

    Happy St George’s Day

    It was when I was a child. And so was ascension day. But not New Year's Day in England until a long time after I was old enough to celebrate it- many a time I went to work with a crashing hangover and lack of sleep. When I started work, like most people my working week included Saturday...
  16. oldtimer

    Wildlife pictures

    I adder good look at these and enjoyed them. Adder nother one please! (Posted after a good lunch)
  17. oldtimer

    Happy St George’s Day

    Because of Covid, I'm missing StJordi's day in French Catalunya. St George is also patron saint of Catalunya and the day is celebrated much more than in England. Books and red roses are exchanged and sardanes are danced.
  18. oldtimer

    Word association game

  19. oldtimer

    Bird ID help.

    Saw two yesterday in the fields on the edge of the village. First I've seen for years. A harbinger of happier times hopefully.
  20. oldtimer

    Word association game