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    Wanted Original Spyderco Para 3 Scales

    Hi all, looking for a pair of original para 3 scales - ideally dark but not red / green what have you got? Andy
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    Wanted Spyderco Para3 scales

    Hi all, I’m looking for some genuine spyderco Para3 g10 scales to replace my smooth ones Ideally dark colour so black from an S30V version, dark gray from maxamet or even blurple ones anybody have any?
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    Sold Spyderco Titanium UKPK

    Hi all, i'm thinning the heard again - I just buy too many knives! Up for your perusal is a now discontinued UKPK withTi scales and S30V blade. it’s a 3” blade non locking folder and worth a google if you don't know the model. This one dosnt have a box etc and is a user ( I don’t do drawer...
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    Sold Shiny Stuff - Opinel Folding Saw, Spyderco Fixed Blade

    Hi All, Clear out time to raise funds for new stuff! Paypal Only Please - as i'm based in Ireland - by buying the knife you are stating that you are over 18 and are legally entitled to purchase Opinel No.12 Folding Saw - boxed, New never used just taken out of box and stared at. £17 to your...
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    Sold Spyderco Junction LNIB

    Hi All, I recently purchased from BF, complete with box, pamphlet, sheath etc this is a like new Spydy Junction, I just find the handle a tad thin for my hooves for hands, but you know how it is sometimes you have to handle them in person. A beautiful fit and finish knife/ lightsaber from the...
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    Withdrawn WTB - Spyderco Bushcraft

    I know there are a few people looking for one but im also looking for a genuine spydy bushcraft - im happy with a user grade also Anyone?
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    Sold Spyderco Diamond Rods for Sharpmaker

    I bought these this time last year ( have amazon invoice thing)but I’ve since moved to DMT Dia-Sharp stones for the coarse stuff in an effort to improve my freehand sharpening- great condition with the tubes for storage, not had much use at all and I can’t see a need to keep both these and the...
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    Sold FS Spyderco Para3 Lightweight

    The clear out continues.... This LW has been in my pocket everyday for the last 3 -4 months or so, it has been used and sharpened regularly and there is a small chip near the tip after meeting a marble floor tile! I just figured it will sharpen out over time It currently has a paper slicing...
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    Sold Spyderco Clearout

    Hi All, Up first for your perusal: Spyderco Delica4 in ZDP-189 Steel - this is a user not a draw queen, has been carried/used /sharpened etc, ive sanded the black clip as i prefer them shiny shiny - £45 G10 Black and Yellow scales for Delica - crafted by Steve Butcher (Boomer52) these are...
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    Sold FS spyderco PM2 Scales- blurple

    As title suggests I’ve an original set of Spydy PM2 Blurple G10 scales- taken from a 110v version £30 inc postage and fees etc via PayPal OR will swap for same for para3 or dark grey maxamet para 3 scales
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    Sold FS: Spyderco PM2 in Cruwear!

    Over 18’s only please- by taking part you are acknowledging that you are Cruwear PM2 with smooth black g10 scales- used and has been touched up on a sharpmaker but you wouldn’t know to look. Boxed with paperwork etc In the interest of full disclosure I have dismantled for Lubing etc ( don’t we...
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    Withdrawn Spyderco Delica4 with G10 scales/ KME Sharpening System

    Does anyone have a Delica with G10 that they want to part with? OR a KME guided sharpening system?
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    Sold Spyderco Para 3

    For your consideration is a Spydy Para 3, S30V steel, black G10 scales. Comes boxed with info page and standard clip. I bought this only recently from here with a view to sampling a few Spydy models for sizing. I’ve now decided on the Delica 4 for my EDC and PM2 for a stout folder- I’ve a big...
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    Withdrawn Spydy Sharpmaker

    Anyone have a sharpmaker they arent using? i would rather money go into your pocket than amazon what have you?
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    First Spyderco Delica vs Persistance vs ?

    Hi All, looking for my first spydy. Not wanting to spend too much and looking for a full flat grind apx 3” blade for edc/ food prep Don’t mind resistant steels but full stainless not necessary Looking at the Delica but hate the handle, cutaway stuff and I see the stainless version is only in a...
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    Skin allergy, Buffalo pile

    Hopefully in the right place! I’ve been using buffalo pertex and pile for around 25 years but in the last couple of years have developed psoriasis so I get rashes etc real easily. Have tried various washing powders/ tech wash etc but try as I might the pile now gives me awful ‘heat’ rashes...
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    Necker advice please

    Hi all, I'm looking for a wee knife as per the pic, I intend it for food prep mainly so was wondering if a full flat grind would be better? Also I'd like wood scales or antler to keep it more traditional looking rather than plastic etc which could be more associated with the food side. Can...
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    Long time Lurker

    Hi All, figured it was about time i joined up seeing as ive been lurking on and off for ages Names Andy, originally from Renfrew now living in Ireland. Currently im playing around with cooking set ups in prep for taking the wains out Cheers