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  1. Hoodoo


    A lot of pics of spoons get posted but not that many spatulas so I thought I'd post pics of a few I just finished up. Top is cherry, middle is basswood, and bottom is sassafras. In the kitchen, I typically use these more than spoons. :) Good drawknife projects.
  2. Hoodoo

    Siberian Bushcraft film

    Not sure if this has already been posted.
  3. Hoodoo

    toothpick holder

    Other than a few woodspirits here and there, I don't see much figure carving here. I'd love to see more figure carving at BCUK. They are a lot of fun to carve and not as difficult as some folks might think. It's a grand outdoor tradition, from Boyscout neckerchief slides to tribal art. A good...
  4. Hoodoo

    coffee scoop

    I don't see these posted here very often so for the sake of something different in the spoon category, I thought I'd post this coffee scoop. Carved from walnut.
  5. Hoodoo

    Best bushcraft purchases

    Since we have a thread on worst purchases, I thought I'd start something in the opposite vein and keep it relevant to bushcraft. My best purchases: Skookum Carver GB mini hatchet Silky saw Ventile Coat (and the perfect coat for city walking) :) Kelty Triptease Lightline Snowpeak Ti pot...
  6. Hoodoo

    Ice fishing?

    Any ice fishermen here? Here is my ice fishing setup. Sled Command Central Lake
  7. Hoodoo

    Thanks Tony!

    Every time I log on here I am struck not only by the number of different threads but by the diversity of topics. Over the years we've had our spats but in general there is a true community feel to this forum. The art of conversation is alive and well here at BCUK. Very impressive feat! So thanks...
  8. Hoodoo


    Guide to living in a cave...
  9. Hoodoo

    Holy Sheep!

    Extreme Shepherding...
  10. Hoodoo

    Spoon carving vid

    Some great axe work here.
  11. Hoodoo

    Bruno Torfs woodcarving sculptures

    Some amazing carvings! Bruno Torfs woodcarving sculptures
  12. Hoodoo

    Any ice fishermen out there?

    Thought you might find these photos interesting. :) <br />
  13. Hoodoo

    butternut bowl

    I just finished carving a butternut bowl for a holiday gift. I have a "semi" tutorial here for those who might be interested.
  14. Hoodoo

    New slip joints

    There used to be a lot of interest in slipjoints around here but I haven't seen much lately. I just picked up a couple new ones that I'm pretty excited about. Made by Great Eastern Cutlery. Good walk and talk, nice fit and finish. No wobble in the blades. 1095 carbon steel and I've convexed the...
  15. Hoodoo

    My first spoon this one. :)
  16. Hoodoo

    Bushcraftf for kids...

    Well, not exactly, but there's all kinds of good info in this book for kids who want to go camping and experience the outdoors, including lots of good campfire cooking recipes, nature study, and star charts.
  17. Hoodoo

    Skookum Bush Tool

    If you are interested in a guardless full-tang bushcraft-style knife that was inspired by Mors Kochanski, you might want to take a look at the Skookum Bush Tool, made by Rod Garcia. Here's a review by Schwert. This knife was designed with considerable feedback from Mors although it is...
  18. Hoodoo

    Whittling doodads

    Anyone here like to whittle doodads? One of my favorites is the ball in a cage. Here's a couple variations of that I recently finished. The first is a sliding cage (nearly finished in these photos). The second is a ball (yolk) in an egg.
  19. Hoodoo

    Diggin' Stick

    I decided I can't dig roots with just any ol' stick so I made this one. Made of ash and about 21" long. Simple project and fun. :) If I break this one, I still have my old one. :)