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  1. Teepee

    Article: Primus Omnilite Titanium vs Omnifuel multifuel stove review

    You can view the page at
  2. Teepee

    Conovers Snow Walkers Companion reprint. Anybody found a copy?

    The winter trekking bible that is Conover Snow Walkers Companion has finally been reprinted this year. :) I cannot find a reprinted copy anywhere over here Amazon still want silly money for second hand. :( Freely available in the states for $24.95 but no sellers I can find will ship to the...
  3. Teepee

    Fungus ident please.

    I found this fungus on the banks of Loch Maree. Never seen anything like it in the UK before. DSCF1685 by turnerminator, on Flickr DSCF1684 by turnerminator, on Flickr
  4. Teepee

    Garmin EtrexH GPS.

    For sale; Garmin Etrex H; GPS unit. This is a basic, reliable GPS. The type that doesn't eat batteries and just tells you what you need to know and won't cost anything for mapping software. A few minor scratches on it from use. Good con, well loved. £40 inc rec dely and PP fees.
  5. Teepee

    Titanium mug. Lifeventure 450 ml.

    For sale; Lifeventure Titanium mug. In perfect nick, no dents, no lip burning, a single use over a fire has left a tiny bit of stubborn soot on the bottom. 74g. More robust than other Ti mugs. (not my pic but identical) £15 posted inc PP fees and rec. del'y. Thanks for looking. :)
  6. Teepee

    Ansia red dot sight

    For sale; Ansia fast aquisition red dot sight for air gun. Good working order. 9 power settings, inc battery. A few bits of minor wear on the body from use but still clean. As in this thread; It's just sitting on the shelf doing nothing...
  7. Teepee

    Aquascutum padded cotton waterproof shirt.

    For sale; Aquascutum waterproof and quilted brushed cotton shirt. Large. (quite big for a large) 52" waist, 35" long back, 17.5" collar. A 'Gucci' bushcrafting/work shirt. Top quality unworn 100% genuine. Pooled water on the fabric, I've run it under the tap too for 5...
  8. Teepee

    Mens Zamberlan Fell boots 9.5 UK/ 44 eur, lightly worn.

    For sale; A pair of top quality 3 season Italian made leather hiking boots from Zamberlan. Light use. Very minor scuffs. I've put new laces in as one of the old ones had a nick. The boots have been rinsed, cleaned, conditioned and waterproofed with various Nikwax products by myself...
  9. Teepee

    New group messages problem

    For the last 4 days, I'm getting 2 lines of text above the BCUK banner; Warning: Declaration of vBForum_Item_SocialGroupMessage::getLoadQuery() should be compatible with that of vB_Model::getLoadQuery() in ..../packages/vbforum/item/socialgroupmessage.php on line 21 Warning: Declaration of...
  10. Teepee

    Foot dressing advice for a scald

    I have a few blisters on the top of my foot from a scald last weekend. I'm going to be walking for 3 days in the hills and was wondering whats the best way of protecting it? I was planning on a coating of Iodine, a patch of cling film and a thinnish dressing over the top to give some padding...
  11. Teepee

    Tarp wars; Attack of the Monk Clones

    After seeing Bare Thrills Silnylon Monk tarp clone thread, I wanted one for a long distance walk later in the year, so got busy making one . This one is a little shorter than the one above at 2.8m. 225g with the...
  12. Teepee

    Lands End mens Duck boots, size 12. Unworn, brand new.

    For sale; A brand new pair of Lands End American type duck boots. Full siliconized leather upper. Rubber sole and lower. Rope texture sole for grip in wet, slush, ice and snow. Thin flexible sole to keep blood circulating. I bought them for an arctic trip on a whim but the...
  13. Teepee

    Eagle 1.5l kettle. BNIB.

    For sale; The much loved Eagle Products 1.5l stainless, copper bottomed kettle. Copper bottomed. Handles clip down. With stuff sack, in original box. Sold. First to post on here, and then PM me, gets it. Thanks for looking. :)
  14. Teepee

    G4 backpack build

    My Gossamer Gear G4 clone, hot off the thread injecting machine. 85 litres. 411g. Made with 70gsm PU ripstop and 200gsm Oxford Nylon. Socks in straps for padding. Sleep pad/sit mat as the pack frame. Cinch cord and roll top closure A minimalist pack geared for colder trips. The flared...
  15. Teepee

    Barbour mens tweed breeks.

    For sale; A pair of hardly worn, lined, Barbour tweed breeks. Size 44" / XXL. Currently on sale here for £150; I can't see a mark or wear anywhere on them. On...
  16. Teepee

    -40c in a hammock. Shug has done it.

    Shug has well and truly broken my cold camping hammock record of -40c! He went under the 40 barrier too. Ah well, it was good while it lasted. Enjoy Minnesota at -stupid.
  17. Teepee

    MYOG bivy tarp.

    I made this work in progress cat tarp for bivying in November from some well tested 1.3oz PU coated nylon that I used for another tarp. It's been in the garden bathing in glorious rain and wind for 3 days now to see how it stands up to the elements set up in a fair weather A frame on hiking...
  18. Teepee

    Winter catenary cut tarp with doors made from reflective Nylon.

    I made a winter tarp a month ago for an upcoming arctic trip and managed to get some pics today before the light went. :) I've always been impresses by the Finnish Loue shelters and how they work well with a campfire. I can feel the heat being reflected from the Aluminized fabric, not just from...
  19. Teepee

    Nice, cheap petrol lighter with O-ring seals(not a peanut lighter) Heads up on these solid water resistant lighters. $4.12 delivered (around £3) I've been using one constantly for nearly 2 weeks and quite like it compared to my Imco's, Zippos and the like. The build quality and...
  20. Teepee

    Eagle Kettle Deluxe 1.5l. Unused, brand new in box.

    I have for sale one of the famous Eagle Products 1.5l kettles. Polished Stainless steel with copper bottom, hanging handles, clips to hold lid and handles down in the pack, Nylon drawstring stuff sack. Unused and brand new in box. Sold Thanks for looking.